Author: mandy

Mandy was sat at the breakfast table in a neighbours house, her mum had been taken to hospital the night before as her dad was dead there was nobody to look after her so she was put in temporary care with her neighbours. As she sat eating her toast Martin walked in wearing just a gown, Mandy looked at him she knew him knew he was 14 years old 2 years older than she was knew he had an older brother who was Steve 16 they were both part of a street gang. Martin lent forward to get some toast as he did his gown opened Mandy got a good view of his dick which hung down about 4 inches, Mandy smiled said I can see your cock, Martin stood up his gown fell wide open Mandy smiled, Martin left the room, after a few minutes Mandy went upstairs she saw Martin’s door as she went past she saw Martin stood naked a full erection, Mandy said ” yeah I seen your cock and seen it on the hard” and went to her room, after a minute Martin walked in still naked with an erection, he looked at Mandy said ” want it” Mandy smiled, Martin walked over to her lifted the bottom of her nighty, saw she had no panties on then lifted her nighty right over her head and off leaving her naked, he rubbed her small baby boobs pinching the nipples, Mandy smiled Martin pushed her back on the bed got on beside her, started to lick her nipples then slowly eased his dick into her pussy surprised at how moist it was, he started to push in and out slowly getting deeper and harder each time, he saw Mandy’s nipples were erect he licked sucked them then carried on pounding away, Mandy started to moan, Martin pounded as hard as he could he felt Mandy cum but carried on pounding her after 5 minutes he felt her cum again he pulled out squirted his stuff over her belly. Martin lay on the bed after a few minutes he got up left the room, Mandy used tissues wiped her belly then went for a shower after the shower she put her gown on went down stairs to the kitchen as she went in Steve was just coming through the door from the street, he looked at Mandy smiled and said” enjoy getting fucked by my brother” as he did he lowered his track suit trousers, Mandy looked at his 6 inch hairy dick watched as it went erect, Steve walked over to Mandy put his hand inside her gown and rubbed her boobs said ” come up stairs” and left Mandy went and found Steve naked she looked at his 8inch solid dick smiled and took her gown off soon she was lying on the bed moaning as Steve pounded away in her.
Later in the afternoon Mandy was sat with the social worker who told her he was trying to find her a home with girls her age. Mandy said ” it’s ok I like it here I know the boys they are ok.

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