Wife Peggy

Author: Montyjames

We have been swinging with my wife the active one and me the guy with the camera for many years now.
Peggy is Asian and in her late 30,s now and we have a daughter in college but have been into this most of our married life.
I was watching my wife on her knees playing with Rogers cock well I am getting ahead of myself It was Super bowl Sunday and we had invited three of our married friends over to watch Super bowl with us but we all had other plans to.
Peggy had been with these three guys before and maybe not all at once like this day but we trusted them and managed to get them over at times when we had excuses so that their wives wouldn’t suspect anything and the three wives were also friends but we were discrete.
All of the girls hated football and was happy to send the guys over to our house to watch ball and we let them shower before heading back to their wives afterwards.
Well the guys showed up early telling the wives that they wanted to watch pre game activities but we had our own Pre game activities to attend to and Peggy met and kissed each one of the guys laughing and pushing their hands away when they sneaked feels but it wasn’t long before they were all nude with neatly folded pants shirts on the couch as Peg watched then she did a slow strip tease for us afterwards to much cheering and many nasty remarks .
The guys drew straws to see who went first then it was on the air mattress as the guys took turns with me cleaning up the mess each guy got off inside of her.
We stayed nude and throughout the first half Peg got as much attention as the game did with the guys fondeling her and fngering her to.
Peg loved all the attention laughng and talking just as foul mouthed as the guys did.
The talk never strayed far from sex and Jeff mentioned some gal that he watched give a guy head and made him cum in less than three minutes and Roger bragged that no woman could make him cum that quickly because he had to much control but Peg let him brag a little then said bullshit Roger I could make you cum in less time than that and an argument ensued with fanally a bet me
And Roger asked how much and Peg replied $5 bucks and Roger said no way thats to much but Peg said you lost $10 .00 to Mike when the Eagle,s scored first dont be a cheep ass so he asked where and how and Peg told him to stand over against the wall so we could all watch and then she took a couch pillow and laid it at his feet then asked who would keep time so I ran to my closet and found my stopwatch and Jerry volunteered to do the stopwatch as Peg kneeled in front of Roger taking his cock in hand and began to stroke him.
Roger wanted the time to start then but Peg vetoed it saying that he wasent hard yet and to wait until she started sucking his cock so we watched as his cock began to firm up with her stroking his dick.
We were all laughing and talking as Peg was biting her lower lip in concentration with a comical smile turning up the corners of her mouth and her eyes dancing with mischef then she turned to Jerry asking if he was ready and he said anytime and Peg looked up at Roger saying cash only buster you are going down as she pulled his cock to her mouth as sucked it slowly deep to the back of her throat and began bobbing her head sucking noisily on his cock.

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