Wife is seduced, a true story

Author: Cuckold

Wife Seduced, a true story.
I told my husband about this when I came home after spending some time at a hotel on the beach. My husband just looked at me and asked questions about the affair. This story relates what I told him.
It all started while I was staying alone at a nice hotel during a separation from my husband. During my stay the hotel manager paid me a great deal of attention, perhaps because I am nice looking with a good figure. He bought me drinks and chatted me up at every opportunity, usually buying me several drinks, many times enough to get me fairly high and we would flirt and dance etc. Sometimes I would feel his hand on my ass, and once in a while he would steel a quick kiss. He was really nice looking and well built, in every department. While dancing I could often feel his hard prick rubbing against me. I have to admit that it made me hot to think he had a boner from dancing with me. I have to admit I went out of my way to make sure I pushed back on his prick. Once when I was pushing back he got excited, wrapped his arms around me a gave me a long French kiss, sticking his tongue well into my mouth. I really didn’t resist, being caught off guard, but I liked it.
One afternoon he mentioned that one of the nicest cottages had become available and perhaps I would like to move into it, at no extra cost. Unsuspecting anything out of the ordinary I said I was interested. So, he offered to show me the cottage.
We entered the cottage and began looking around. While I was distracted he put his arm around me, drew me to him and French kissed me deeply. I resisted, but only a little because I liked him, and I thought it was like when we were dancing and flirting. So, I figured a little kiss was no big thing. But he didn’t stop he embraced me and kept French kissing me while he was feeling me up. I resisted more strenuously but he simply held me tighter and continued kissing and squeezing my breasts. My tittles are sensitive, and I began getting hot. Sensing this he began massaging my pussy through my bathing suit. I tried to break away, but he just held me tighter, caressing my breasts and pussy against my will. I was getting really excited and nervous, he was going further than I wanted.
While in a passionate embrace he pushed me backwards towards the bed and forced me down. He yanked off my top and began sucking and biting my nipples, it made me really hot as my nipples are very sensitive and he was biting hard. While I was still struggling but becoming more excited by the sexy feeling of having a stranger playing with my body. I began to relax, or should I say just give in. He continued sucking and biting my nipples, I was really being driven to a sexual submission. Soon he began pulling my suit bottom down. I kicked and struggled but he was really strong and finally pulled them all the way off. It was exciting having him take my bathing suit off, even if I didn’t want him to. Now I was laying on a bed with my pussy exposed! He was leaning over me with his engorged prick rampant.
Seeing his prick, I really began resisting, but to no avail, he was on top of me with my pussy open to him. My breasts exposed and my pussy at his disposal, which he pushed his finger into and began finger fucking me hard. He could feel me becoming more pliable as I was now kissing him back with passion and he fingered me. He inserted first two fingers into me and then three, plunging them in and out hitting my G spot and making me moan with passion and spread my legs. His prick was a huge 10-inch monster, hard as a steel pole and as thick as my arm with a huge mushroom head. It was uncircumcised, and he pulled back the foreskin to reveal a glistening pink head. His prick was bouncing up and down like a mad snake ready to pounce, pre-cum glistening on the tip. It was a lot longer and fatter than my husband’s 6-inchs. He moved up on me and maneuvered his prick up to my mouth. I held my mouth shut but he finally got me open my mouth. I was moaning and making noises and that only made it better for him. I didn’t want to like it but it made me even more excited. I could taste his pre-cum as I sucked his rod and it set my cunt on fire. He began fucking my mouth and more pre-cum seeped out. I was so hot my pussy was dripping wet. I sucked hard on his prick and could feel it stiffening getting ready to shoot. Before I could do anything, I felt gush after gush of hot cum in my mouth. My nipples were on fire, my mouth was full of cum and I was ready for him to fuck me.
He slid down on me and holding his still engorged prick in his hand put the head against my pussy lips. He began rubbing it up and down in the wetness of my cunt, it really aroused me, but I said please don’t fuck me! But he did, at first gently rubbing his prick up and down my cunt, but as he got more excited he became more aggressive. He soon started rubbing really hard and fast forcefully attempting to jam the head into my cunt, but it didn’t fit, and it hurt like hell. So, he tried quickly pushing the head in as far as he could, then pulling out again. Then he just pushed into me as hard as he could, forcing my cunt to open. I could feel the lips of my pussy spreading as the huge head pushed into me. Wider and wider my pussy spread as I could feel the head entering me. With a sudden “pop” the head was in as my pussy lips closed around the base of his prickhead.
When his prick was well lubricated with my pussy juice and well imbedded in me, he rose up on his arms and forcefully rammed his prick into my cunt as deep as he could, pushing it in until he hit my cervix, I never felt anything like that in my life. At this attack on my cunt I screamed and began moaning loudly, I was impaled on his prick.
I had never been fucked so deeply or so hard before. With his prick well buried in me he began fucking me hard and fast, slamming deeply into me while squeezing my nipples. He raised my legs over his shoulders for better penetration and began jack hammering my pussy. Not just straight in and out but almost like a corkscrew, it was unbelievable. We fucked for a long time.
I squirmed and moaned, he was fucking me so hard his prick was pressing into the mouth of my cervix. He wasn’t using a rubber, and as he began humping me faster and faster he began coming deep in my pussy. He pumped heavy squirt after squirt of hot semen into me, right into my cervix. He came deeper in me than any prick had ever been. It was the most thrilling fuck I have ever had. As he was coming, I fucked him back in a fit of passion as his cum invaded me opening my legs as wide as I could to take as much of his prick in me as I could.
After being forced fucked I wrapped my arms around him, French kissing him as I continued hunching against his prick, squeezing out the last drop of his cum. I am sure I said fuck me, fuck me over and over. I wanted that prick in me forever. My pussy felt like it had been raped, but mentally and sexually I was all his to do with as he pleased.
You would expect me to be unhappy about being raped and force fucked but that was not the case, no indeed. I really liked being fucked by him, he had a prick that just wouldn’t quit, and he knew how to use it. So, I let him fuck me repeatedly while I was at the club. Allowing him to do it without a condom and to cum in me every time. In fact, I was so much under his spell that I repeatedly told him to cum in me. When I returned to the city I met up with him several times at a “no tell” motel to continue our passionate sex encounters. It was exciting and thrilling to be fucked clandestinely, illicit fucking feels the best. My pussy wanted more of his prick.
The part I never told my husband was about photos sessions at the “no tell” motel. I really didn’t want him taking pictures of me, but he was very insistent. So, I gave in and let him take pictures of me with his prick buried in me while he was doing me doggy style. But that was not enough for him, he made me pose in all sorts of positions including close ups of my pussy. He even took one with my legs spread and his cum oozing out of me. Even though I didn’t want pictures at first, I got into it once we started. I even took one blowing him, and another jerking him off. All these illicit sex activities caused me to allow him unlimited access to my body, for whatever he wanted to do. He liked to make me do 69 with him and loved to cum in my mouth. He also liked me to put my finger in his ass as I was blowing him until he came.
When I finally came home I was asked by my husband what I did. I was surprised at his questions, and hesitated to answer, but I knew he had found out. I can only think I was willing to tell him all the things I did to humiliate him, and to let him know other men wanted me. He kept asking questions and pressing me for more and more details. He couldn’t stop asking me how I was fucked by this other man, especially since I really went all out with him, allowing him to cum in my pussy and all. I never told my husband all the details, like how he would press his prick into my cervix and shoot his cum inside me, or how he made me cum while fucking me in the ass, or how I loved to blow him. Lots of little details that I will keep to myself.
My husband seemed to be enthralled thinking about another man’s prick in me. Especially asking about how he jammed his dick into me. He wanted to know how it felt to have him cum in me with the head of his prick pressed into my cervix. When I explained he never used a rubber I saw my husband’s prick rise. When telling how I was fucked by my lover he would get so excited I would have to alternately jerk him off, pinch his nipples and blow him until he came. He liked to hear how I had been raped, forcibly fucked, and dominated by another man’s prick. I am sure he would like to watch me being fucked, squirming in agony and pleasure while another man spread my legs and pumped his seed into me. I would be glad to show him! There were times when I was being forced to have sex that I imagined my husband was watching and jerking off. My lover would ask me how my husband would like to see me moaning as I was fucked.

Here are some of the questions my husband asked and my answers as best I can recall.

How did he fuck you? Hard and fast, furiously pounding into me. So hard that I peed a couple times while he fucked me. Or maybe I was squirting, I don’t know because I never squirted with you, and I only did it when he was coming in me. Our sex was so intense that my pussy would begin pulsating as if trying to pull his prick deeper into me. When he came I could feel his cum shooting into me, pulse after pulse, he had a huge reservoir of cum. He usually squeezed my nipples so hard when he came that I saw stars from the pain, but it seemed to make me cum all the harder. He did many things that you never did, especially hurting me in a sex driven way, like pinching my nipples and smacking my ass really hard when he fucked me from behind. The way he did things the pain intermingled with the pleasure and made everything more intense. I often made him keep his prick in me after he came because I was so aroused I couldn’t stand the idea of him pulling out. He had turned me into his sex slave.

Did you do 69 with him? Yes, and he made me cum sucking my clit. This was another way he inflicted sex pain, he would suck my clit into his mouth and then bite it just as I came, it would almost make me pass out from the pain and pleasure at the same time. Sometimes he would cum in my mouth at the same time.
Did he cum in your mouth? Yes, his prick filled my mouth and when he came it pulsated shooting load after load, so much I couldn’t swallow it all and some of it dribbled out.

Did you swallow? Yes. I had too he just kept pushing his prick into me as he came.

Did he fuck you doggie style? Yes, he even fucked me in the ass, but I didn’t get off on that, he did, and he shot his load in my ass. It was really something because you never did it, my asshole was very tight. It was a strange feeling having warm cum sprayed into my bowels. Almost every time we did this he would hit my ass so hard it was painful, not a love pat, a really stinging smack.

How many times did he fuck you? At least 20, 25, I didn’t count. It was every time he could get me alone. He was like a sex craved devil and he fucked like one. Several times he pushed a largo dildo up my ass while he was fucking me, does that count as 2?

Did he make you cum? Every time, sometimes several times. Especially when he came, he liked to squeeze my nipples until tears came to my eyes, he would do it just as he shot his load. That really set me off and I would fuck him back as hard as I could.

Did he shoot a big load into your pussy? Very big and he would keep coming, shooting pulse after pulse in me. I was afraid I would get pregnant, but I liked the feel of his cum shooting into me in huge pulsating gushes. He never used a rubber, and he used to say, “I am going to knock you up” as he pumped his cum into me all the harder.

Now when I have sex with my husband he always asks me “is this how he fucked you” and I always tell him no, he did it harder, faster and deeper, it seems to excite him that I had been fucked better than he could do it.

As time went on I began claiming I was raped and didn’t want to talk about it. Well I was raped, and abused, forced to fuck, to suck and to take it up the ass. But I liked it, so is it still rape? My husband can’t understand how I was raped if I went to a hotel and continued to fuck the guy, blow him, swallowed his cum, and let him fuck me without a rubber. I don’t know either, it’s my secret. Who knows, I may do it again. You know I want too!

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