I lost my virginity after my honeymoon

Author: Mrs. Khinwal

I loved my man for 11 years and I am finally marrying him this thought made my heart pound. I met him through a concert. I and him both play flute. To tell we are known as the flute couples. I started to date him at the age of 14. He is just 1 year elder to me. Our families met after 11 years of our relationship and they agreed for the marriage. I was wearing a lehenga with heavy embroidery and jewels. I was 24 years old getting married. He came to the holy place and we got married. We had a lot of fun.
My husband had booked a hotel room with double bed for first night. I was first in the room. I had not slept for more than 24 hours. I looked very tired. I was about to fall down. He entered the room. I got up from the bed. I fainted it seems he had said to me. I slept off. I woke up again at night 1. He was fast asleep beside me. He had removed my lehenga and jewellery and made me wear his shirt. He was shirtless. Then he saw me awake and he asked whether I am okay or not. I then asked him who had changed my clothes. So he replied that my friend came and changed my clothes. He ordered me to take rest. The next morning we were not allowed to meet. So we couldn’t meet. After that day we left for honeymoon. We came to our hotel room at night 3. The next day we had to sight seeing in Maldives. It was very beautiful. There was a party arranged by the hotel members for the newly wedded couples and provided with all sort of drinks. I took beer and in 5 shots I was drunk. He only drank 2 glasses of wine. I only remember him dragging me to the hotel room. I slept off that day. 3rd day we both were playing flute in our room. We both were on the wooden floor. I was wearing white shorts. I woke up and he noticed blood on my shorts and I thought I got my period. He got a bit upset. So I asked him whether he is fine or not. He said it is normal thing to happen and it’s absolutely fine! During night I couldn’t sleep due to cramps. I was literally screaming with those cramps. He was terrified seeing me in pain. He was so loyal to me. I thought. So after two days we were returning from our honeymoon. We had a separate house. After two days we returned back I texted him to come home early to show him my new sexy lingerie. It was his favourite colour black. I wore those two pieces of cloth. I was waiting behind the curtain. He came in searching for me. I grabbed him at his back and hugged him at his back. He asked how was my day. He turned towards me and was surprised to see me in that outfit. He said that he couldn’t resist anymore. He removed his clothes and was only left with his boxers. He kissed me. He left a hickey on my neck and near the breast. He bit my ear. He then slowly unhooked my bra. He played with my boobs a bit by touching and licking it. He then threw his hand in my vagina and said I was already wet. I blushed. My panties were away he could see my whole body. He then licked my pussy. In a very short time I removed his boxers. I could see he had a large size dick. I licked it. Then he didn’t wanted to make me pregnant so protection was used. I lost my virginity because of this wonderful man. I thought.

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