True Home service sex

Author: Jay Openheim

Years ago I did electrical and appliance repair, often in homes. I was young and naive about women wanting sex from younger guys. Looking back, I think I passed up a number of opportunities, not taking hints. I was about 29 when a lady from our church asked me to look at a problem in her house. I had trouble finding a time when she was available, but finally she made an appointment. When I got there she said she was trying to find a time when she knew her husband and 2 children would not be around. She walked up to me and immediately started undoing my belt and unzipping my jeans. I have a bigger than average penis. Not huge, but about 7″ and very thick. I didn’t know then that a lot of women like a thick one. She about went crazy when she saw it told me to sit on a chair. She got down and started to suck; I was already hard. I told her I was going to cum quickly and she said “good”. She sucked me and took it all.

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