Author: LMT

I went to glenns but Alyssa answered the door. Come in Larry pulling on my arm. Door closes and Alyssa pulls me to couch. Mom and dad left me alone for three weeks and i’m afraid. Will you stay with me here tonight ang i’ll go to your place after that. Where will I sleep? Come with me and she undressed outside of bathroom then peeled my clothes off and led me toward tub. On went the shower and we both entered. She started lathering up my dick real sudsy and jerked on it real good. Oh yes Alyssa ,now let me wash your pussy. I washed it clean then stood her up and licked her pussy. Picked her up and she grabbed my neck and I grabbed her buns. I lowered her guiding her pussy toward my cock and started pushing it up in her and she started wigglling. Larry lets get in my bed.

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