Liz rides again….

Author: Bob

We went down to see a friend of ours who Liz previously had sex with. I set the whole thing up, asking him to roundup another guy for a threesome. So we went down and, as usual, started drinking beer. Shortly he told her to sit on his lap, which she did without hesitation. He then unbuttoned her blouse and started playing with her tits. She never wore a bra as she didn’t have that much to contain. In a short while he stood up and told her to come with him upstairs. She did, without question. After a few minutes I went up and the bedroom door was open. He was straddling her neck and feeding her cock. I went back down again. Then the doorbell rang and I answered it. It was his cousin and I gave him a beer. He asked where he was and I told him upstairs. He went up, looked in and returned. Out of curiosity he asked who she was and I told him it was my wife. Then he suggested we go up and jump in bed with them. I told him to let them have some fun. However, after another beer I said that we could go up quietly and I’d get her ready. He liked that and up we went. He was still fucking her mouth, so I removed her shoes, jeans and panties. He seen that she wasn’t going to protest and promptly removed his pants. I motioned him to go ahead, which he did. Liz being short made it difficult. He fucked her the best he could but shortly asked my friend to turn her over, which he did. Liz looked down at him and inquired if he was someone they knew. Our friend chuckled, said it was his cousin, and introduced them. She then went back to sucking him while the cousin fucked her. I was standing in the shadows of the hallway and really enjoying it. After a while the cousin said he needed some of her head. Our friend obliged him and stood her up. She grabbed the cousin’s cock and started sucking it, while our friend fucked her. I left, seeing all I wanted to, and went downstairs. Later the three of them came down the hallway, Liz in panties with her tits out and all three laughing. We had another beer or two. Then our friend, not getting the desired blowjob, took her back up again. When they finished we went home. Liz told me later that she heard the doorbell and wasn’t surprised at the outcome. Another fun night for Liz and nothing for me. At least I enjoyed watching, which I normally do.

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