Author: Mikey

Whilst on Honeymoon in Barcelona, we spent time in the Hotel Pool and Hot Tub exc…

On this particular day a couple of kids were in the Hot Tub with their Dad! My wife and I slipped into the Hot Tub and I started rubbing her pussy under the Bubbles! She was getting excited by the expression on her face! One of the kids said something to their Dad in Spanish and they left!

We are now alone, nobody was insight! So I started making out with my wife and turned her round and soon slammed my cock in her from behind into her Hot Tub! Just as I was at the point of no return and fill her pussy with cum, the door burst open and the kids ran towards us! But Dad, see the look on my face and knew what was going on and proceeded to collect his kids and ushered them away from our blushes!

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