Author: Planerguy

As in my other story. Rudy my longtime friend was caught cheating by his wife,Gina. He paid the price of haveing to watch me fuck his wife and fuck her ass.

Couple months have gone by, I keep in touch with Rudy, seeing if he is still fucking around on Gina. He swears he isnt,but is makeing excuses why he isnt comeing home on weekends for awhile. Gina is very suspious, cant blame her. So we decide to take a road trip,she wants to know if he is lieing!

3 hours later Gina and I check in to a motel,1 bed of course. Gina tells me why not? Gina has a tracking app on her phone that she uses to track Rudy. But has to be within 20 miles to be correct. She brings app up, knowing he is almost off work.
Tracking Rudy is easy, we follow aways back. Rudy goes to his motel and goes inside. Gina is relieved,cause he is by himself. I tell her lets wait and see.
Half hour of waiting and we notice a woman walk up and knock on his door. Gina explodes! Thats same slut in that video! I try to calm her down,but after few minutes she is out the door pounding on Rudys door!!

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