Fucked a granny

Author: Tom

This was back years ago when I was 30 years old. This story is a true story and actually happened. I always had this fantasy about being with a much older woman. Well one day it came true. I seen this ad in a sex magazine that this older lady in her early 60s was looking for men for sexual activity. Needless to say my dick was already starting to get hard just thinking about it and looking at her picture. This was back in the early days when communication was mainly done by mail. So I wrote her a letter and it contained my phone number. Low and behold just days later I received a call. She had the sweetest granny voice and we set an appointment to meet at a local diner for coffee. I arrived early and sat in the entrance waiting for her. I was excited. At last she arrived! She was a very nice looking blonde German lady with short hair. She was wearing a nice green blouse with a black skirt. I also noticed she was wearing black nylons with nice heels. I’m really getting excited now because I’m a huge leg and nylon fan! She had some very nice legs! Over coffee we got to know each other. I then asked her if she wanted to go back to her place. Even telling this story today gets my dick hard and still masturbate thinking about this day. Well I followed her home in my car. We went inside and we sat on her couch. She offered me some wine and we chatted and drank a couple of glasses each. Then she said “ do you want to take us back to my bedroom”? I replied “yes”. We got back to the bedroom and she told me to make myself comfy because she had to use the restroom. I immediately undressed down to my underwear and laid on the bed. My cock was rock hard and ready for action! She then returned and walked over by the dresser. She took her glasses off and kicked her high heels off. She then started to get undressed in front of me! The first to go was her skirt which she stepped out of. Then she took her blouse off! Wow….she had a green lace bra on and I could see she had nice tits! She had pantyhose on with green panties underneath! I told her to leave her nylons on. She reached around back and undid her bra. She had awesome breasts! She came over to the bed and laid beside me. We immediately started to kiss and fondle each other. I then started sucking on her tits and she reached down and grabbed my dick and started to stroke it! She started to moan just a little and I was playing with her crotch thru her nylons. I could hardly wait to fuck her! We both were squirming around on the bed getting hotter by the second! I then reached up and grabbed the top of her pantyhose and gently and slowly pulled them off each leg. I threw them beside the bed onto the floor. About 3 more minutes into it I asked if I could lick her pussy. She told me should would love that. I then removed her green panties. She had a very nice vagina with just a tiny tiny Bush! I immediately went down on her! Her pussy tasted wonderful and I was tonguing her hard! She was moaning huge now!! I couldn’t take it any longer and told her I was going to mount her. I crawled up on top and inserted my penis! She gave a huge sigh! I started to pump her slow and deep and she was squirming underneath me. Then I began hitting her with a hard thrusting motion knowing that I wasn’t gonna last long! I told her that I was going to cum inside her! She said “ fill me up”! I then exploded with passion and she she whimpered hard! Oh my gosh she felt nice! Her pussy was so tight! At last I finally fucked a grandma! A little bit later she gave me a nice bj and we even 69’d ! She was so hot! The second go was with her on top! We ended up doing it like 4 times that day. I continued to see her about 2-3 times a month after that for a couple of years. She also was fucking 2 or 3 other guys from time to time also! She was 63….I was 30! Some of the best sex I’ve EVER had! The End

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