Busted part 2

Author: Planerguy

After our golf game few weeks later, Rudy ask if I’m comeing to dinner again? Knowing why I say yes, but tell Gina, I want a shaved pussy and her wearing no panties.

7 oclock I walk in, giveing Gina a kiss, feeling her ass in tight yoga pants. Are you wearing panties? Gina says find out! I run my hand down her pussy, feeling nothing but bald wet pussy. I start fingering her, 2 fingers,ramming her hard. Rudy is watching, strokeing his little cock, as Gina cums all over my hand.

I dont want dinner now,as I lead Gina to their bed. Gina tells Rudy, chair now!! As he sits, she pulls out some cuffs and cuffs arms and leggs to the chair. Now you can only watch, as Jim uses me how he wants.

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