Young Angel getting changed into a woman

Author: Israel Wiggins

The flight was loading and I was at the front of the line. I got my hand bag put up and I sat in the Ile seat. Everyone was on the plane and I heard a sweet soft voice getting closer. Excuse me I am looking for seat 69 B. I raised my hand and said, right here is your seat next to me by the window. Then I looked up at the young lady standing next to me. Long brown hair in a ponytail , blue eyes, tanned skin from head to toe. She was wearing a collard shirt with a black mini skirt stopped at mid thigh. She looked older like maybe eighteen, but I bet she is a few years younger tho. After she was in her seat, she said her name was Angel and she was going to visit her grandparents in Arizona. I asked her about her parents and she said they were in Florida on vacation. But she is from Alabama. Well it was dark and we would be in the air for the next few hours. She said she was cold, so I got us two blankets. I was watching a movie on my laptop and I was looking at her trying to get settled down. She said that her skirt was tight and I told her to unbutton it and relax. Angel did like I said. I watched as she unbutton her skirt and unzipped it half way too.
I position myself and my computer where I could see it but nobody else around could see what I was watching. Ear buds in letting only me hear my movie. I could still hear Angel when she talked to me. We were talking about her and boys that has done things with her. I asked her how old she was and she told me to tell her how old I thought she was.
I told her that she looks older but I think she’s about sixteen. She was smiling and blushing red. No Mr. Chuck, I’m not sixteen, I’m just about to be fourteen in three days. I was looking around and trying to see if any badges were on the plane. I felt I was being set up. Angel said that she has been playing with herself for a few years now. She said that she started fingering her pussy when she was about ten years old. Puberty started at the age of ten. Her brother and her have had oral sex with each other and she said she was ready for real sex. Then she said that I can feel her wet panties between her legs, if I wanted to. Under the blanket I moved my right hand on her pussy outside of her panties. Her panties was soaked. Next she squirmed around and slide her panties off and opened up her legs. I felt her soft pussy hair, it felt like silk. Fingering her young little pussy, playing with the young clit inside her hole. The juices from her pussy was making her ass hole wet too. Soft moaning came from her mouth as she laid her head on my shoulder. Then she noticed the movie on my computer and said that the girls are about her age and was fucking grown men.
The captain spoke telling everyone that we have to make a unexpected landing cause the weather is to rough to fly. We landed at a small airport and unloaded the plane. We all got a free room at a hotel for the night.
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But Angel said that she wants to stay with me in my room. Pretending to be her parent, they let us stay in a room together.
In the room behind locked doors we got into our sleep clothes. I had a pair of boxers on and Angel was wearing panties underneath her night gown. One king-size bed for us. We got into bed with a sheet over us. I didn’t wait no longer. I went straight to fingering her pussy again with me licking and sucking on her pussy getting her very wet with juices. Then she was moaning out with my God, that feels good man, then she said she was cuming and she cumed hard on my face. I ate every drop of her cum too.
Next I got between her legs and slipped into her pussy slowly and carefully. Broke her pussy open and soon I had all of my cock inside her tight young pussy. We made love together all night long and I cumed inside of her every time too.

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