White boy

Author: Mia

As an Indian living in England we get a lot of racial abuse, I was arriving home from school it was the day after my 16th birthday and I was looking forward to the party planned by my parents, I was in the back track running along the rear of our houses, as I approached our house I saw our 17 year old neighbour Martin in his house he was stood behind a sofa with no shirt on showing his muscular body, He moved away from the sofa and I stopped dead in my tracks he was naked his cock was about 6 inches fat and hairy, it was first white boy I had seen naked, I stood watching enjoying what I was seeing, as I watched Martin’s cock started to grow and grew to a full hard on of about 8 inches I looked in astonishment he was doing something to a phone. He put phone down put shorts on and came out the house walked down the garden with his shorts bulging he got to end waved at me said ” happy birthday” went in the garden shed, I walked into garden looked in shed, Martin looked at me I was admiring the bulge in his shorts knowing what it was, he smiled said ” happy” I nodded, he replied want to be happier” again I nodded, he removed his shorts, stood naked with his hard cock bobbing about, he got hold my arm and placed my hand on his cock I closed my hand round it started to wank it, he pulled me closer put his hands under my jumper and blouse slid them up and under my bra and started playing with my tits he then pushed my jumper and blouse up and started to lick and suck my nipples, he then knelt down pushed my skirt up pulled my panties down and started to lick my cunt I felt his tongue push in, he stood up lifted one of my legs and I felt his cock go up my cunt, he started to fuck me slowly then getting faster and faster I came off but he carried on fucking me till I came off again, he pulled his cock out and I saw 4 spurts of spunk. He put shorts on left. When I went out my best friend was walking by, she stopped said ” you just been fucked by Martin” I told her I had she said ” he has fucked me and a couple of other girls and your little sister has wanked him off ” she is 12.yong-girl-fucked-by-neighbor

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