Author: I.wiggins

The darkness made it hard to find her but I got to the bed and felt her wet panties she had on. I slipped them off her and had her open her legs. Fingering her pussy with one then two fingers rubbing on the clit. Moaning softly and she said that Alyssa her little sister was in the bed with her. As I fingered her pussy and I licked and sucked her juices out of the hole between her legs. Shortly after that we slipped into the bathroom and got in the shower together. I took her cherry then and I told her to meet me in the living room. On the couch with her on me riding her first cock. Fucking for about twenty minutes and we were cuming together again.
That is when I looked up and saw her sister Alyssa watching us. Alyssa came to my side and I played with her pussy and little titties. Twelve years old,Alyssa let me have her cherry too.

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