Author: mandy

The year was 1876 the country was reeling in shock and horror over the Battle Of The Little Big Horn, there was talk of revenge but many were scared of what the Red Indians would do next which is why 17 year old Jake and his 16 year brother Joe were helping Sara and her sister home from town, both boys were good shots with the rifle and handgun and were much sort after for protecting ranches. At 18 Sara was hot headed and moaned about being treated like a kid by 2 gunslingers, as they rode along in the buggy Kim asked her older sister why they could not ride horses like the boys, Sara told her to shut up just as the buggy hit a rock in the dusty trail path, the buggy wheel broke causing the buggy to topple over, both girls picked themselves up looked at the broken wheel and the all the stuff on the ground, Jake looked asked the girls if they were hurt before they could reply Joe shouted ” injuns” pointing a he did, Jake looked towards where his brother was pointing and saw about 20 braves ” he said they are only young bucks we should be able to fight them off” the braves rode forward stopping a few feet from the group, Jake started to talk but went quiet when the front row of Indians parted and lassos snaked out dropping over his body then pulling tight pinning his arms to his side, Jake looked at his brother and saw the same had happened to him, Sara was also in the same situation, Kim walked forward to the Indians looked back said ” meet my friends” she looked at her sister said ” they call you big tits” before climbing up onto one of the horses, 2 of the braves ran forward drew their knives and sliced through the boys clothes causing them to fall to the ground leaving both boys naked Kim smiled said ” at least you got big cocks” Sara looked at Jakes 7 inch dick then at Jo’s 5 inches and thought they are big, a brave went to Sara knife in hand and like the boys was soon naked, Kim smiled as both boys got full erections, the lead indian turned his horse and slowly rode on the rest followed with the prisoners being pulled along behind them. After a hours ride the group arrived at an indian camp. Kim jumped from her horse ran to one of the waiting bucks and hugged him the buck picked Kim up and carried her to a wigwam after being inside a short while Kim’s clothes were flung out, Sara and the boys were tied to poles and left, the youngsters in the village were stood staring at the naked white captives a buck moved behind Jo who flinched as his bum was rubbed, after a couple of hours Sara was cut free took to the middle of the camp and tied spread eagled on the ground with the nearly all the village gathered round in a circle, Kim came out the wigwam with the young buck who had carried her in both were naked, Kim went to the boys said ” you both got big cocks which my family like” she looked at Jo added ” I have watched you from the bushes when you have bathed in the river and watched you wank a few times and so have some of my brothers and they loved it, I am not a white girl anymore I am indian” she went to Jake said ” biggest cock here and grabbed old of it started to stroke it slowly stopped after awhile there was a yell went up, Kim smiled said ” Sara is being fucked by one of my brothers they all like her big tits”

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