My cousin and I

Author: Nalw

My Name is Alex and my cousin Bethany. I never really thought about her in a sexual way before. She was 16 at the time. One night while spending the night at my aunt’s house, I was staying in Bethany’s room we sat up late talking about stuff while playing videogames. We came across the discussion of sex and people we had crushes on we’d like to do it with…both of us were virgins at the time so we were curious on the topic and wanted to learn more but we were to scared and nervous to actually do it so we looked it up and for ourselves watching porn I started getting hard when my aunt knocked on the door and told us we had to get to bed because we needed to wake up early… So we climbed into her bed and started to try to go to sleep she had got up to go use the bathroom and get in the clothes she normally wears to bed… So I did the same I took off my pants and shirt and layed back down. When she came back in the room I looked at her in a way I’d never looked at her before.. She looked gorgeous she was wearing a thin shirt that came down just low enough to where I could see just a little of her panties they were pink lace… She climbed into bed laying facing me I stared into her beautiful brown eyes and the only words that could come out of my mouth were “I love you” she replied “I love you too cus” but she could she I’m meant in a different way but she didn’t say anything about it… She just looked at me smiled and turned away. ” Cuddle with me” she said. hesitantly I moved closer and said “okay” she moved closer to me breaking what little distance we had left I felt her perfectly shaped ass press against my dick I put my hand on her side and pulled her while I rubbed my dick up against her without thinking about it she looked back at me and whispered “I love you” as she moved my hand up her shirt until I was grasping her breasts my dick getting harder by the second I thought to myself “This is some sort of trick right” “come on Alex” she said softly as she turned her head away. Without thought I turned her head back and started kissing her after a moment she sat up and started talking her shirt off “are you sure”I asked “Yes I’m sure” she said removing her panties. She layed on her back and I started to kiss her started at the lips slowly making my way down then her neck, breasts, stomach finally her pussy..I started eating her out a few minutes if her moaning she looked at me and said “I want you”as I stood up removing my boxers I asked her “are you sure you want to do this” “shut up and do it” she said I pulled her to the end of the bed.. I felt her wet pussy as I rubbed my dick across her slit a few moments later I slowly stuck it in gently fucking her she starts faintly moaning “faster” she moaned so I start going faster and faster the more we went on I started to pull out when I was about to cum she quickly wrapped her legs around me tightly holding my in her ass I came she pulled me as far in as I could as she arched her back letting out a final moan as I came deep inside her…I leaned over inches from her face looking her deep into the eyes “I love you so much Bethany” I said “I love you too Alex” she said with the most beautiful smile on her face We kissed each other with pure passion for one another we then lyed down cuddling still naked my dick still erect layed up against her pussy in between her legs…to this day I love her just as much as that night we got an apartment together so that way we can be together without risk of family finding out our true relationship

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