drunk and stoned

Author: steve

This happened to me a couple of months ago

I am 17 a member of a street gang had been out with mates boozing and snorting cocaine, was staggering home in early hours of morning I could hardly stand and was staggering all over the place all over the place, I was walking over waste ground where lots of illegal immigrants camp out, I stumbled over something ended up flat on my back I tried to get up but could not I saw an Indian girl looking at me and smiling she knelt down and started to undo my jeans I could not stop her I was to pissed and stoned she pulled my jeans and boxers right down said big one I use a developer my cock is 7inches 9 when I have hard on she started to rub her hand on my cock cocaine always makes me horny and I soon had a raging hard on I tried to stop her but could not she started to wank me and after a few minutes I shot my spunk in 5 spurts I don’t know how long I lay there but it seemed like hours next day I found out she was 17 years old I had been spunked off by a 17 year old girl

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