Becoming his bed partner

Author: I. Wiggins

When I was fifteen Daddy said that I was a younger picture of my mom. Then he said, Darlene if you wasn’t my daughter, I would make love to you and take you as my partner. Well Daddy you are not my real Dad but the only one I know. My mom has been gone for several years now. And I would rather have you be my first man. And I would love to be in your bed as your woman then with someone else.
He just looked at me for a couple minutes before taking my hand and pulling me towards him. Behind him as he took me to the shower and helped me get naked. I was shaking and I told him I was ready. In the warm water rubbing KY jelly in my pussy lips and I put some on dad’s cock. Between my legs and inside of my pussy he slowly pushed his cock until he had all of it in my honey hole. We made love together for almost thirty minutes and I cumed with him cuming in my pussy.

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