Auntie made a man of me

Author: Gwartheg

I had had very little contact with Aunt Mari as a child, principally because my mother was a twisted vindictive bitch. When my uncle came home from the army intending to marry Mari, his childhood sweetheart, he was concerned about the stories he had heard of women playing around especially with the American troops who had been stationed nearby. So Uncle had asked the Old Bitch if she had heard any rumours about Mari. As Mother later said to me “It wasn’t my business to tell him what she’d been up to” and had said nothing. Uncle went ahead and they married, and by all accounts were very happy.
In the meantime I had come along and I was a toddler when I saw Mari for the first time. She loved kids and couldn’t wait to have her own, so she made a huge fuss of me, with cuddles and kisses galore. It was the first time I had ever experienced any real physical affection, so I sat on her knee in a warm pink glow of delight. So much so that when I came time for us to go home I turned at the door, ran back to Aunt Mari and climbed back onto her lap.
When the Old Bitch started shouting at me to come away, Mari said “Go easy, little ones need lots of cuddles and love” at which mother lost it and shouted “You’d know all about cuddles and love after all those Americans” and dragged me away howling in tears. Uncle went mental and although in those days you didn’t get divorced he did move into the spare room and as a result she never had the kids she so longed for. For years afterwards the extended family divided into different camps, half never speaking to Mother because of that display of spite.
Fast forward about ten years, and there was a reconciliation of sorts; I was 13: my older brother was getting married and the whole family was going to attend. By this time Mari was in her thirties and a picture of elegance, slim, well dressed, she moved gracefully and was just about the sexiest thing I had ever seen. (Although some of my mates regularly fantasised about their mothers, I had accidentally seen mine naked, and believe me that picture of sagging breasts and rolls of fat was a wet dream which would never trouble me!) Mari immediately took a shine to me, and saw an opportunity to get revenge for Mother’s betrayal.
All through the reception she sat and talked with me, we danced together over and over again, with her careful close contact and gentle touching sending messages to me without it being obvious to the other guests. Later we went onto the stage and sang together, a love song naturally, at the end of which she kissed me in front of everybody. The Old Bitch’s face was like thunder but she just had to stand there.
Later, when everybody was well lubricated with the champagne and brandies, Mari quietly took me by the hand and said “Come along”. She took me out of the hall and into the vestry which was empty and very private. Pulling me close to her and without a word she kissed me, her tongue halfway down my throat while gripping my crotch. At that age I was already suffering from constant erections, but this time it was really hard. So much so that she had trouble getting it out of my clothes. But get it out she did and started to pull me off. As at that time I’d never done much more than look at girls with their panties down on a ‘show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ basis, this was pure paradise, and I didn’t think I could hold out for long. Then she pushed me back to sit on a table, pulled up a chair and went down on me. I had seen porn photos of oral sex, but it had never occurred to me that real women actually did that sort of thing. If I had thought I was in heaven before, this was another level altogether. With a gentle slurping sound she took me deeper and deeper into her mouth and worked up and down till I could hold on no longer. How she didn’t choke on it I’ll never know, but as I spurted over and over again she swallowed every drop right down. I had never felt that good in my life, and I was shaking all over as she stood up and pressed her cummy mouth to mine in a long French kiss that had my dick standing straight up again.
She then sat alongside me on the table and pulled up her dress. Happily this was in the days before the sixties and tights so she was in stockings and very brief panties which were no barrier to what came next. Mari took my hand and placed it between her legs, and gently pressed my fingers against her cunt. Which was very, very wet. Slowly she worked herself against my fingers and slipped them past her panties and into yet another heaven. As I fingered her deeper and deeper breathing became slower and quieter and when I discovered her clit she started shaking and moving against me. Then, as she came for the first time she gave a deep, quiet sigh and went very still. It was quiet for a moment and then she murmured into my ear “now fuck me”.
I still couldn’t really believe this was happening, but I didn’t need to be asked twice. She gently rolled a rubber onto my dick which was bigger and hotter than I had ever known it, and as Mari had never had kids her cunt was deliciously tight. As she slid me slowly into herself we both went together perfectly, and in a very short time we both came together perfectly too! And more than once.
Fortunately there was a bathroom at the back of the Vestry so we could clean ourselves up before going back to rejoin the drowsy partygoers in the main hall, and apart from my one cousin who asked where I had been, nobody noticed anything amiss. Luckily in those hays everybody smoked, so the gorgeous scents of fucking that were so strong in my nostrils also passed unnoticed.
Mari later whispered to me that Uncle would be out of town on business the next Tuesday, and that she would love me to visit her for more. As it was the school holidays, and her house was only a short bus ride away I was there like a shot. Told the Old Bitch I was going with a schoolfriend for a walk in Sutton Park, and she believed me. When I arrived at Mari’s fairly secluded house she welcomed be with a kiss that nearly pulled my tonsils out and took me straight upstairs to her bedroom. Taking off her housecoat, she revealed that she had on stockings and garter belt, an underwired bra in deep purple, and no panties at all. I nearly came straight away.
She pulled me onto the bed beside her and proceeded to give me the sex education lesson of a lifetime, showing me how to turn every inch of a woman’s body into an erogenous zone. I kissed, licked and sucked her nipples clit and labia as she told me exactly how everything I did made her feel. I ran my tongue slowly up the inside of each leg in turn, going round her buns and up the small of her back and then to each shoulder blade in turn. As I did that she slowly fingered herself, and between us had her moaning with delight. Each time she came she gave the same deep sigh she had at the wedding, teaching me that this was what an orgasm really sounded like, not the exaggerated shouting of ‘Yes,yes’ you hear all the time in porn. These were then whole body orgasms of a woman truly lost in pleasure. It was here that I learnt that fucking should be slow and intense, not the fast bull at a gate process that I have heard so many men (and more particularly their wives) talk about since.

All through the next year I would go and see Mari whenever Uncle was away at work and I could bunk off school for the afternoon, and our revenge against the Old Bitch became complete. It broke my heart later when Uncle had a job offer in Canada: off they went and I never saw my beautiful aunt again. I hope some other lucky guy got to enjoy what I was missing, and made the most of his good fortune. I shall always be in her debt, for not only teaching me so much, but also for the gift of learning to love and to like women. And to avoid being infected with the animosity and contempt towards them that I hear on all sides. Thank you Aunty Mari.

PS That wasn’t the end of the revenge for me. The Old Bitch was a teacher and for a time I had been in her class. Whenever I had been caught in the bushes fingering little girls from my class I got double punishments: smacking in school and then a second belting at home “Or I’ll tell your father”. Likewise when she found my stash of porn; but then something miraculous happened. She fell head over heels with a new teacher who started at the school, a man half her age, and they actually started an affair! I couldn’t believe my luck when I came home one day during the school holidays on a day I knew father was at work and saw a strange car on the drive. Going into the house by the back door I heard sounds I well recognised coming from upstairs. Quickly I grabbed my camera (I was a keen photographer and used to use the bathroom as a makeshift darkroom), tiptoed upstairs and caught them: she was naked on the bed and he was fucking her senseless. They didn’t see me straight away so I had time take several photographs to record the scene for posterity. The Old Bitch went white as a sheet when she did see what was happening, and started to shout and plead that I mustn’t ever tell father about this: she grabbed her clothes and made to cover herself; her lover meanwhile panicked and ran for the hills. Although as I said above I had never fantasised about her I was brought up to ‘waste not want not’, so on the spur of the moment I said “Not so fast”, pushed her back onto the bed and helped myself.. She was saggy as all fuck, tits and belly drooping all over the place and after having had three kids her cunt was like a main drain, but it was quite interesting nonetheless. I had only ever fucked my aunt with a rubber, so it was my first experience of skin to skin. Also I had never fucked in another man’s creampie before and it did add a certain something. When I had finished, I scoped up a double handful of my cum and his and smeared it all over her face and into her mouth. To my delight she really hated that so my day was complete.
Afterwards I said “Now then, I won’t tell the Old Man unless I have to, but if I do have to I’ll make dozens of prints of these photos and send them to him and everyone else you know, your headmistress, the ladies at the church and anyone else I can think of. I’ll hold this over your head for the rest of your life, so be careful how you treat me from now on.”
And as if by magic, she was. (But more of that later. See ‘And the cleaner made two’)

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