Pedo Call

Author: Fantasyman

The Hotel Experience

I love hotels. There’s just something about them that speaks “freedom”. An escape I guess is more accurate. Sometimes I just want to be away from my hometown where I can be someone else entirely. Most of the time I spend in my room looking at porn. Since I can remember (I’m forty-nine now) my interests have been for children. There weren’t any sites as there are today when I first started looking for the little ones on my computer. But now I’m able to download tons of sexy little girls and boys doing the real fantasy stuff.

That’s all I’ve ever done is “look”, because I’ve always been afraid of the problems I would have if caught. So, like I said, most of my fantasies were there on my hotel bed with the taboo computer images. I didn’t approve of most of the websites out there. Most of the pictures are demeaning to the little ones. My fantasy is to “love” them, and never to harm them in any way.

I was 200 miles from home at one of my favorite hotels the last time I spent making love to my right hand. I had checked in for the weekly rate and had just had breakfast in my room. As usual it didn’t take me long to get all horny from the downloads when the cutest maid popped her head in just as I was in the throws of a climax. She didn’t excuse herself, but just stared at what I was doing. Like I said, my fountain was squirting pretty good, so I just stared back and kept jacking. When the last of my cream dribbled out, I played with it some more enjoying the audience. At that she said,

“What a beautiful sight. That is the prettiest dick I have ever seen! I sure wish I wasn’t working sir, so I could see more of it. Is there any chance I could come back this evening?”
I told her that would be great, and she smiled and told me she got off at four, to which I responded saying that I hoped to get her off after that. She laughed and closed the door. I decided instead of a shower, I would go down to the enclosed pool for a swim. That’s another thing I like about hotels, they are emptying out in the morning, so I should have the pool to myself. I was wrong on that day.

When I came into the pool area, I quickly realized that I would have to share it with someone. The only problem I had with that was trying to cover my pecker as it began an unrelenting growth in my already tight suit. The cause was the girl. She looked to be about ten-years-old, and the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. I’m serious, she was my ultimate fantasy dream girl. She was in the shallow end and just going up the steps to make another dive off of the little springboard. From head to toe she was perfect! Perfect for me that is. Below that amazing face was the type of body I so adore. Little buds for breasts, but big enough to poke at the sheer fabric of her bikini with pointy nipples. A suit bottom that might have fit her better a couple of years earlier, but this day was stretched tight over a perfectly shaped bubble butt, even riding up her cheeks enough to expose a lot of flesh.

Wow! I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as I made my way to one of the deep end. I had to get in the pool quickly before my boner pushed its way out completely. The cold water should help I thought. It didn’t. I thought it best to try ignoring her, so I just started swimming thinking a few laps should cool me off some. After about ten laps I climbed out and laid down in one of the reclining lawn style chairs. The little angel was still in the pool, but was working her way around clinging to the sides, which told me she didn’t know how to swim. When she got even with where I was she said,

“Hi. I’m Brenda. You sure are a good swimmer. I never did learn, but I would like to some day.” The whole time she said that, she never took her eyes off of the big lump in my suit. Of course it started growing with the attention.

“Hello beautiful. My name is Jerry. Thank you for the compliment. You really should learn to swim as quickly as you can. It might just save your life some day. How old are you anyway?”

“I’m nine and a half, almost ten. Like I said, I really want to learn, but there never is anyone to teach me when I’m around a pool. Then the little flirt just let that hang in the air while once again focusing on my bulge. She had the most alarming green eyes. She was just perfect in every way. For the first time since I could remember the cat got my tongue so to speak and I just sat there mesmerized by those eyes. Finally she spoke, when I couldn’t.

“Is there any way you could show me something?” That said again with her beautiful eyes on my package, ready to pop out of the silk bathing suit. What an odd way for her to say that. Was there more behind the statement? No way I thought. It was kind of a frozen moment for me, so she further stated;

“I can’t pay you anything. I would if I could Jerry.”

Well, I’m not an idiot. I took her up on the lesson and dropped back in the water. Even cold, it didn’t matter to my prick. It was pressing so hard for more room it actually hurt some. Things would get worse I was soon to find out. I started with her on her stomach holding on to the rail and with her legs stretched out. I wanted her to learn how to kick first. Naturally I had to place one hand on her stomach, and another just below her crotch on her legs. When she was kicking, her body would bump into my bump and oh my, that was the best feeling ever!

I should tell you that in no way was I planning anything obscene with her, but I thought some casual touching would go a long way with my right hand lover later on.

We worked at the leg kicks for about a half an hour, and then we went to an area where I could touch bottom and taught her the arm and hand movements to compliment the leg work. She had the most sensual body. I was enjoying the view so much; I didn’t want it to end. Now I must tell you something that I didn’t plan, but I’m surely not regretting. While holding her up, the most natural way was for my left hand to be in the breast area, and the right hand was holding her crotch in place. She never said a word about where I was touching her, she just kept asking,

“Is this okay Jerry”, and I would reply,

“I think it’s perfect Brenda. Do you want to stop?”

“No, no, please don’t stop? I like the way you teach.” Shit! Was she sending me some kind of message? Could a little girl like her really know how to flirt with an adult? I didn’t think so, and decided to play nice. Besides, she was wonderful, and I had so much fun with her just doing what she had ask me to do, teach her how to swim. So I did.

I was literally getting blue balls from all the contact, so as much as I wanted to continue the lesson, I told her that was enough for her first time and she could practice in the shallow end what she had learned.

“There’s a good movie on tonight that I want to see, and I want to go in the Sauna for a while before eating dinner”, I said. “It’s been really fun with you Brenda. I hope we can do some more another time.” She indicated she would be there for three more days, so I told her I would be there also. We agreed to meet in the morning for more lessons.

I figured perhaps tonight I would break my own record for orgasms. Something I really looked forward to. I could still feel her magnificent body moving under my hands in the pool. I grabbed my towel and went in the Sauna room, took my wet suit off, spread my towel on the upper of two shelves and stretched my naked body out. About ten minutes later, the door opened, and there was Brenda clutching her towel.

“Hi again Jerry. I’ve never been in a Sauna before. Do you mind if I stay in here with you?” I didn’t bother to hide my nakedness. Of course as before her eyes were on my package while speaking. I had made the mistake of touching my cock and prematurely thinking again of the contact we had in the pool. So naturally my pole was fully erect. Nothing I could do at that point because the more she looked, the harder I got. What the hell am I going to say if someone pops in and sees me naked with a kindergarten girl? I made the decision to not worry about that!

“I don’t know sweetheart. What if your mom or dad sees you in here with a naked man? I could go to jail.”

“My dad is in Hong Kong on business, and my mom is having an affair with the pool boy at our home, so she puts me in this hotel for a few days when dad goes on his trips so she can sleep with him without me around.”

“Well, okay then, but lock the door in case someone else should come by. I’m sorry, but one thing I like about a Sauna is having that heat over my naked body. If you don’t have a problem with that, you can stay. I felt like I was in some kind of wet dream when she said;

“I don’t mind. Maybe I should try it too?” With that she dropped her bathing suit in the corner, spread her towel out just below me and lay down on her stomach. She had her head turned away from me, so that enabled me to stare all I wanted to. What I wanted so much was to put my hand down and caress those perfect round cheeks. But as I said, I had no plans to do anything about my lust. This was all perfectly innocent on her part, so I satisfied myself with enjoying what was offered.

“Jerry, your not offended by me being naked are you?”

“No sweetie. I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and I love looking at you. Thanks for not being embarrassed to be naked, or see me naked.” With that she turned over displaying her deliciously small developing breasts, and a totally hairless little mound atop perfectly shaped legs. I wanted to jump down and make love to her on the spot. This was proving to be a most difficult day for resisting temptations.

“I think you are even more beautiful naked Brenda. I mean that!”

“I feel the same way Jerry. I guess it’s no secret I was checking you out? I couldn’t stop looking at your handsome body, and big…I mean your…uh…sorry. I’m really being stupid.

“Listen honey. I saw how you looked at the bulge in my bathing suit. And now you saw what I look like without the suit. It’s natural to be a little embarrassed about seeing a naked man for the first time. And of course my hard on that is standing straight up because I was thinking about you.” Making eye contact was not happening still as she asked the question I knew she might because of the way I phrased that statement.

“You mean your uh…thingy is big right now because of me? Wow! I like that Jerry! I’ve never thought of me as beautiful. You say the nicest things. I really like you. I guess that’s pretty obvious by now. Is it all right if I tell you a secret. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a co…a uh naked man. I see my mom’s boyfriend naked almost every day. It’s just that you are pretty and so is your…you know? But Tad is a big slob and I hate him and his thingy.”

When I heard that, I got up and stepped down to sit by her side. My dick finally relaxed some to a semi-hard state. For some reason my body made some decisions for me. I really don’t have much control over that. In fact I was sitting too close I suppose, because our legs were touching, and wow did that feel nice.

“What do you mean you see Tad’s naked body every day?” I said as my arm went around her in a semi hug.

“Jerry, you have to promise not to do anything about what I’m going to tell you because I don’t want my mom to go to jail, or for me to live in a foster home or something. You have to promise big time Jerry.”

Needless to say I was too curious to hear what’s going on at home that would send her mom to jail, so I promised with a pinky swear. She insisted on that, as if that made the agreement more binding. After the promise, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged on me for about two minutes. It was the best hug I ever got, bar none! She stood up and straddled my right leg, pressing those perky little titties onto my titties. My cock couldn’t let that get by without sending a message. It literally sprang to life, flapping against her bare leg. She moaned when that happened. It truly was a magical moment…for me anyway?

“I tell you what honey. Let’s get dressed and I will take you to dinner and then back to our rooms to get changed. Later, we can go to my room where you can tell me that story in a more private environment, okay?”

“Really? I haven’t eaten out since forever. I usually have my meals sent to the room. I like your plan. By the way, what’s the movie?”

“It’s called the ‘Avengers’, and everyone says it’s really good.”

“I’ve been wanting to see that one too! You really have good ideas. I like that in a man.” Brenda said that in such an adult way, like it was a real date as an adult woman. We both laughed, and then put on our wet suits and headed for our respective rooms.

I bumped into the cute little maid on my way back, and told her that my daughter showed up unexpectedly and I couldn’t keep our date. She gave me her phone number and while squeezing my dick said that she really hoped I would call. She really was much older than the way my tastes run. I suppose she was twenty-five or so.

I gave Brenda thirty minutes to be ready. We went to Chili’s to eat, and pigged out on ribs. Almost as good as sex. Almost! Then back to my room for our chat. We had about an hour before the movie started, so there was time for her story.
Just as we entered the room, her phone beeped telling her she had a text message. It was from her mom.

‘Hey Bren. Something came up and I will need to be away for another two days. I called the hotel and made the arrangements for you to stay longer. You better not fuck this up kiddo or I will beat the shit out of you. Tad said he is missing you and can’t wait to see you again. You better be nice to him or he will leave us and then we will be really fucked. Don’t fucking mess this up you little shit!’

“The only thing that came up was Tad’s weenie”, Brenda said. “She is such a whore. I hate her Jerry. I really do! I wish she wasn’t my mom. She lets Tad do terrible things to me and doesn’t even try to stop him. Jerry, just remember you pinky swore not to tell anybody what I’m going to say.” She cuddled up in my arms and that in its self felt wonderful. It was like I was her daddy, and she wanted me to make her feel all-better. What she proceeded to tell me made me wish I was her daddy because Tad would have a big surprise coming if I was. He might anyway.

“It all started three months ago when mom first met Tad. He’s some big shot banker making lots of money, which he lavishes on mom. My mom is among other things a hottie. She really turns heads and Tad likes to dress her up and show her off at special events and stuff. She had been spending sleepovers with him for about three weeks when he told her he wanted to meet me. She brought him home one night after some big party. They were both drunk, so I went to my room before they came in and pretended to be asleep.

Mom passed out on the couch, so Tad decided he wanted to meet me anyway. He comes in my room and just walks over to my bed and pulls the covers back. I like to sleep in just my panties. Tad is a big powerful guy, so I didn’t stand a chance. He took off his clothes and climbed on top of me. I tried to fight him off and he seemed to like that. That’s when he gave me the black eye. He proceeded to rip off my panties off and started screwing me real hard. I was a virgin until then.”

Brenda started crying into my chest again. I held her close and started rocking her back and forth encouraging her to get it all out because it would feel better after sharing it with me. The language she was using didn’t match with a third grader to me, but I didn’t comment. After about ten minutes she continued with that horrible night. While he was cumming in her virgin body, he started slapping her around calling her a bitch and a little whore, and that was going to be just the beginning. When he finally climbed off of her, he made her lick his cum soaked and bloody cock. While she was doing that, he grabbed her by the ears and pulled her throat onto his limp cock where he proceeded to dump his used beer into her belly. When he finished pissing, his cock grew again so he violated her back door. That was the worst pain she had ever felt she said. Her butt hole didn’t stop bleeding for hours when he finally passed out in her bed.

The next morning he fucked her again before he left, promising even more when he got off of work. After he was gone, she went to her mom and told him everything that Tad had done to her. The bitch told her that Tad was going to take care of them and that she should be nice to him. If he wanted to have sex with her, she should let him and make him happy because he would be paying the bills.

So asshole Tad has been spending a lot more time with Brenda than her mom. He gets his cock down her throat every morning, and up one of her other holes that night. Sometimes with mom watching or taking pictures for the Internet. A couple of times he even brought a friend over to let him have his way with her. One time they had mom licking her asshole, while Tad fucked her throat and the other man rammed his oversized cock in her pussy. She was what’s called airtight that night. They even had a pissing contest when they put her in the shower. Once again, mom was a spectator taking lots of pictures.

There was a lot more that poured out of this sweet little nine-year-olds mouth. Horrible nightmarish degrading things that went on in that house. My heart was broken by the time she finished telling them to me. We both cried for a short time. I didn’t plan to do it, but it just seemed right to pull her face close to mine and touch lips with my little Angel.

“I’m falling in love with you darling”, I said, and then gave her my most experienced kiss that I could. She responded to what I was doing with my tongue in kind. We were passionate for the longest time before I finally pulled back and lost my soul in two of the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen.

“I love you too Jerry. So much! Are you disappointed in me now that you know I’m not the innocent little girl you might have thought I was?”

“Brenda, you are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen, and I love everything about you. As far as what your stupid bitch of a mom and that jack off Tad did to you, I’m really sorry you had to experience such pain. That said, I’m sorta glad you aren’t a virgin any more.

“So, I guess you want to fuck me too? Is that it Jerry? Okay, sure let’s fuck. Why not.” She said with disgust in her voice.

“Brenda you are a precious treasure to me. I don’t want to fuck you. That’s what Tad did to you. But I’m guessing nobody has ever made love to you. If as you say, you love me, then what I want to do is make love to you. I want to show you what loving sex is really all about? You deserve to see how wonderful it can be when two people decide to share that love in a physical way. That’s what I want to do, but only if it is also what you want?” She really didn’t have an answer for that. I could see in her reaction that I surprised her with that answer. Before she could respond, I said;

“I have an idea. I got all sweaty in that Sauna and don’t smell to good. Since we have seen each other naked already, let’s take a shower together. It just might be fun. Come on, what do you say?”

“Good idea Jerry. Good idea!” Even though she seemed upbeat and positive about jumping in the shower together, I could tell there was something still bothering her.

“Sweetheart? Is there something more you would like to tell me?”

“I’m sorry Jerry. It’s a great idea to shower together; it’s just that…well…I have to forget about the things Tad did to me. The shower was one of his favorite things to do with me? He would drink like a whole six pack of beer and then force me into the shower with him. He had so much pee in him that I thought it would never end and I would drown. He would pee in my face and order me to open my mouth and then ram is stupid fat weenie down my throat. There were times I blacked out because I couldn’t breath for what seemed like forever. He even stuck it up my butt and washed my insides with his stinking beer pee.

Of course, once again good old mom was there snapping pictures the whole time. Last week was the worst. He invited four of his pervert friends over for a party, and all five of them joined in that sick fun. I was tied up so I couldn’t do anything but lay in the tub as they came in to play with me all evening and into the night. I lost count of the time wishing I would just die. A few times I thought I might get my wish because a couple of those sicko’s got pretty rough with me. One guy really got off by choking me while peeing in my face. Tad just called it water sports.”

I couldn’t believe the things she was telling me, and I’m really not sure she shared everything. I’ve got to figure a way to get her out of that situation, and hopefully see those assholes put behind bars for a very long time. I saw the upcoming shower experience with my little doll as an opportunity to show her that not all men are like Tad and his friends.

“Just look what you are doing to me young lady. My dick is so hard I’m afraid it might break off!”

“You do look sort of funny walking around like that. I know? We can use it to hang a washrag on.”

“Very funny darling. I can’t help it if you are a goddess.”

I got the water to a nice warm temperature and we both stepped in. I really was erect so to speak. My cock was so hard it actually hurt a little. The idea that I was naked with an absolute fantasy girl of my dreams was more than my sword could take. I had been lusting after that perfect body and wishing I could get my hands on her since our time in the sauna. Now it was really going to happen?
I grabbed dibs on washing her first, and two of those little bars of soap later I told her it was her turn.

I can’t describe the pleasure of soaping her entire glorious body it was. I must have spent fifteen minutes or more making sure her budding breasts were good and clean. And the bubble butt? A good half an hour on the front and back there. She experienced three orgasms from Jerry’s magic hands. I was shocked when she told me it was her first time for that experience! Speaking of magic hands, oh my was I in for a treat when she returned the favor. I had never had a little child’s hands on my privates before, and I blasted her chest with the best climax ever after only a minute’s caress. Only when the water started turning cold did we call it a day and went to the next step, drying each other off! Boy oh boy was that fun too!

“Oh Jerry that was so special. You made something happen in my cunny that was so incredible! Jerry, I love you so much! Will you please make love to me? I just know that our lovemaking will be even better. Please Jerry?”

“Are you sure darling? I only want what you want?”

“I want you! Please Jerry. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. I want you inside me.” With that I scooped her up just like she was my new bride to carry across a threshold. And that’s exactly what it was going to be hopefully. A new understanding about love and especially about the sexual extension of that love. I wanted this night to be the most special one of her life. It had to be all about her and not me.

I carried Brenda into the bedroom and began by giving her a full body massage. I have had hundreds of massages in my time, and knew exactly what a perfect treatment should be? Of course there was tremendous pleasure for the masseur, as the experience required the use of magic hands, which I was more than willing to provide. An hour later I followed that first hour by giving my princess a tongue bath. She had three climaxes in a row when I used my tongue to pleasure her privates. I could have stayed buried in her special prize for another hour she tasted so good!

“Brenda sweetheart. May I have the privilege to connect with you in the most special of ways? I want so much to be inside of you?” She was panting heavily as she answered.

“Oh yes Jerry. Please don’t stop now. I want you so much! I love you so much! Please make love to me now!”

I drew on forty years experience in what I had learned about pleasing a woman. An hour later we were both spent with my love lying on top of me. It was the most wonderful experience ever! I could not have fantasized it any better, and really never had!

Thinking I had accomplished what I had set out to do, I was surprised when she started crying. I let her cry for a few minutes, and then ask her if I had done something wrong. She raised up and those marvelous green eyes beamed down on me like headlights and said;

“No Jerry. It was so perfect. This is the best day of my life. You really do love me and that’s something I’ve never felt before, even from my parents. You showed me what love is. You are my love.”

That was twenty years ago this day, and Brenda and I are reliving that wonderful day when we first met at that very same hotel. We never married, but have never had a single day apart? I took Brenda home that next day to gather her belongings while I searched the computer for evidence of child abuse, and boy did I find a lot! The note I left for the perverts was very clear on what would happen if they even tried to locate Brenda. In fact I gave them a postal box number in South America where they were to send some child support money. I didn’t even specify how much, and was surprised by the amount they began sending every month (and still do!).

Brenda is still so perfect in my eyes, and she still worships me at sixty-nine. I guess technically I would be classified as a sexual predator, or pedophile. I really resent that classification because I’m nothing like Brenda’s mom, or that prick Tad. I know I’m not alone in this regard. There must be lots of men out there who just prefer the freshness of a little preteen to love. I’ve never done anything with Brenda that was not done in a loving way? There needs to be a clarification to that term to separate a lover of little girls from perverts like Tad.


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