a foot perv 3

It was the begining of summer , school was out. Mom had went to work and my younger s****r Ann and I sat in the house on the couch while the rain poured down. We were bored flipping though the channels trying to find something to watch on tv. We settled on a rerun sitcom and sat there trying to enjoy it.
Ann got up and went to her room and came out with her nail polish bag and said she needed to do her toes and that there was no better time than the present. She then placed her feet up on the edge of the coffee table and begun taking off her old polish.

As I watched tv I glanced down at her feet noticing just how nice her feet were. She had very nice toes proportioned just right for her size. Her high arched feet looked very soft and silky. It was then I felt my cock in my shorts begin to stiffen. As my attention turned to her sexy feet she turn to me asking why I was stairing at her feet. I told her that she had very nice feet and that it looked like she took very good care of them.

She told me that was why she always goes to get pedicures but with the heavy rain she didn’t want to go out and get one. And that doing it herself was a little hard. Out of the blue I asked her if she wanted I could help her. She smiled and told me that that would be awesome and if I could just paint her nails for her she would be greatful.

I got up and sat on the coffe table and she then put her one foot on my thigh to be painted and the other she slide between my legs pressing onto the edge of the table. This really made my cock stur. As I painted her one foot I could feel her toes on the other foot wiggling in my crotch. It was very hard to concentrate on the task at hand as my cock got harder with each wiggle.

I finally finished painting her one foot with the bright candy apple red that she had picked out and she moved it off to my side and place her other foot up to be done. Finishing the second foot I sat there wondering how I was going to stand up infront of her with a rock hard cock in my shorts. I’m sure she must have noticed it but she hadn’t said anything yet.

Ann the lifted both her feet up in front of my face and told me if I blow on them they would dry much faster. As stupid as it sounds I grabbed the heels of her feet and held them there and began to blow on them. After several minutes of blowing on them I checked them to see if the were dry. Being dry and looking so nice I reacted pulling them to my mouth and started sucking on her toes.

Ann leaned back into the couch pulling her right foot away and moving back between my legs and into my crotch. As I sucked on the toes on her left foot she told me how good that it felt and began to caress my cock through my shorts with her right foot. After about five minutes of working on that foot she pulled it away and replaced it with the other foot. This time when she placed her foot into my crotch ,she slid it up the leg of my shorts working it directly to my bare cock.

With all the precum my cock had spewed out her toes slickly slid up and down the shaft of my cock. This was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt in my life and I began to moan ever so softly. Ann then pulled her foot from my mouth and slid it up the other leg of my shorts and with both feet worked my cock with more vigor.

With in minutes I groaned and blew what was probably the biggest load I had ever blown all over her feet in my shorts. When I had finished groaning she pulled her feet from my shorts and began rubbing them together rubbing my cum into her feet like it was lotion. As I watched as she did that I told her how great that was. She giggled and told me I could do her toes anytime and then got up grabbing her bag and went to her room. That was the begining of what turned out to be our special connection that got hot and heavy throughout that summer.We explored the foot fetish in many ways which I will tell you in my next stories.

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