The Presence

My heart was racing as I reached the doorway. I could hear the footsteps behind me and feel the presence drawing closer. I know we had planned this, even practiced it, but now I was unsure about going through with this fantasy as my heart pumped faster and faster. I fumbled for my keys and tried to get them in the door. When they slipped from my hand I knew I would never get inside before the presence was upon me.

Suddenly I was pressed against the door to my apartment as he pushed his body against mine. His hands quickly moved under my skirt to push up the denim revealing my little black panties that barely covered the chasm between my two cheeks. The strong fingers massaged my ass as he exhaled into my ear with a low growl. His fingers quickly made their way from my ass up to my sides pulling at the red cotton tank top lifting it over my black bra. His mouth was moving to my neck and his razor stubble scratched my fair skin as his tongue roamed free along my shoulders and neck. My skin glistened from the wetness of his tongue and lips as he grappled open my bra letting my ample tits burst from the black fabric revealing my swollen pink nipples. His fingers quickly grasp the pink tips and began to pull and twist at them as if kneading the night’s bread dough.

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