Author: lastmaninline40

We had friends over and everyone had to much to drink and had left except for Josh our black neighbor my wife Peggy was sitting there in a stupor and I was pretty wasted myself.
He finally asked if I needed help getting her to bed and I thanked him so he lifted her off the chair and like a dead person she hung there in his arms as I made my way upstairs to our bedroom the whole house seamed to be swaying as I made my way down the hall and I collapsed into the chair beside her makeup table as he gently laid her on the bed.
He looked over at me and I watched owlishly as he started to undress her lifting her torso off the bed and pulling her blouse off watching to see if I would say anything but I just watched as though it was vaguely interesting as he pulled her shoes and skirt off still watching to see if I would object but by now I was slightly interested .
I had wanted to watch her with another man for sometime now as he lifted her ass and pulled her panty’s off then rolled her onto her side undoing her bra.
He looked her over for a long time then his fingers tweaked her nipples as he looked at me and his hand spread her legs as hid finger slipped into her unresisting body then he stood and removed his pants and his cock hung down at least twice the size of my cock and he smiled then turned back to my wife grabbing her legs and pulling her to the edge of the bed stroking his cock watching me with a smile curving his lips slapping her pussy lips with the head of his cock until it was hard then he lifted her legs up over his shoulders and with his fingers he opened up her pussy lips as he used his cock head to force her open moaning with pleasure as her tight pussy gave way and allowed his cock into her.
I was breathing faster still very drunk but aware of what was going on as his cock slipped deep into her and he said your wife has a very tight pussy smiling widely as the bed began to protest as he took full strokes into her now and Peggy’s unresisting body began to bounce on the bed as he forced her up on the bed now moving with her his cock buried deep into her pussy as Peggy’s arms and legs flopped around loosely and her head was now hitting the headboard smacking against it with a thump thumping sound as he raised his body above her Peggy’s breasts were swinging in circles as Josh fucked her wildly for a long time then he cried out his body pressed tight against her and his ass cheeks clenched and unclenched as he emptied his balls in my wife as I watched in a trance He stopped breathing heavily then again he pumped several more times and moaned in pleasure as more of his sperm filled my wife.
For long seconds he strained until his balls were empty then He pulled his soft cock out of her mouth and I saw ribbons of his cum still attached to his cock and her pussy as he moved farther back then it parted leaving a snails tracks of his sperm on her thigh.
His cock was soft now and he stuck his finger into my wife and pulled out a wad of his cum and walked over to me saying open your mouth and I did then his cum covered fingers were in my mouth and I licked them clean next he held his limp dick up for me and said taste your wife on that but I closed my mouth until his cock head forced my lips apart pressing against my teeth and he said open up now and I did as his cock slipped into my mouth then he began to tell me what he thought of white men and how much he liked fucking their women and his cock was getting hard again as he forced more and more of it into my mouth and I began to struggle trying to get away but I was drunk and he was much stronger and now his cock was at the back of my throat and I gagged but he laughed and forced it into my throat and I started to swallow uncontrollably with this thing caught in my throat but it was over quickly as he moaned again in pleasure as his cock pulsed in my mouth and his cum shot directly into my stomach.
I awoke the next morning and Peggy’s lower body was stuck to the sheets with his sperm and Peggy and I were both so hungover all day We never talked about what happened that night after that but I am sure she knew that at least one guy besides myself had gotten into her his dick had stretched her out and she walked little funny for days .

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