Author: Israel Wiggins

I was pretending to be sleeping but I was watching a movie with a man that was about to fuck his niece. When Natalie my little niece who lived in the house with her mother and I. Getting in the bed with me and saying she had something to talk with me about. She said she had been playing with her pussy and ass as she watched me rubbing on my cock. I can call it that, can I? I told her yes. I slipped my hand on her pussy a her panties was soaking wet. I said for her to take them off and I will show her some ways to help with this problem.
I told her I would love to have her as my partner but nobody could ever find out. She promised to keep it between us two only. Natalie was about to be a teenager and already had titties like softballs and a firm ass too. Just a few hairs on her pussy but I don’t care about hair. After I explained what I was going to do with her, I started licking and sucking on her wet pussy as I fingered it too. Natalie was moaning softly and I knew it was getting close to her cuming.
Then I got flooded with warm cum out of her pussy. She looked at me and said that I can have her cherry now. Well I didn’t wait another minute and I popped her cherry and cumed inside her pussy too. Next I took her to the shower with me and from behind her, I fucked her again and I pulled out, turned her around and I cumed inside her mouth. I let her sleep in the bed with me that night. Her mom wouldn’t be home until late afternoon the next day. Before breakfast we fucked for about twenty minutes and I got another surprise. Natalie said her friend Layla was coming to stay with her for the weekend. She said Layla wanted to let me have her cherry also. I became the sex partner for my niece and her friends through the years.

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