Cuming inside

Author: I.wiggins

Amy and I have been together for five years now when I got the first time fucking another female. Living together for a while before getting married was our parents idea. Amy worked for a bank in the city 28 miles from our place. I worked with my dad on the family farm and our place was the old hay loft. It was fixed up like a one bedroom apartment. During the summer months Amy’s little sister Hayley came to stay with us. While I was working Hayley spent the day with my sister Jayden. They were both the same age. Fifteen years old and thick in the right places.
One day I got done with my work a little before lunch. I didn’t have to go back until late evening to feed the cows. When I walked in the front door I could hear the sound of soft moaning coming from the bedroom where I slept with Amy. Slipping through the apartment and I pushed the bedroom door opened. I saw Hayley naked on my bed with her legs spread open and her playing with a dildo in her pussy. Eyes closed enjoying herself and I gently moved to the side of the bed. Getting my face close to her hot hole. I went straight to licking and sucking on her pussy. She stopped for a second and went back to fucking her pussy with the toy. Juices flowing out of her pussy flooded my face. I helped her get two orgasms cuming hard to.
Then I pushed the head of my cock in her pussy and fully filled her pussy up with cock. I fucked her pussy for almost a hour and shot my load of cum in her pussy.
Leaking out of her hole was my cum and between her and I we ate all of the cum.

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