Wet hot summer part 2 – after the f****y reunion

The day after that f****y reunion I received a phone call from my cousin. She asked me if I could accompany her at a medical convention in Switzerland the next week. I almost fainted at the idea of passing three day with her so I quickly checked my schedule. I had a couple of meetings in that days but I was determined to shift them in no time. I answered yes, but I felt that maybe I answered too quickly. I didn’t think about what I had to tell my wife to justify my absence.

My heart was thumping in anticipation. I almost didn’t touch my dinner at home and I was behaving like a zombie but finally the day was there. I was early at my cousin’s house that morning, her house was silent and nobody was around in the street. Her car was there and her husband was missing: good news. I approached her front door with my knees trembling and when I rang the bell nothing happened. I waited a minute and rang again: the waiting was killing me. After few moments I felt her presence behind the door and finally she opened.

She was still in her pajama, white with small flowers, she had a wonderful smile and her eyes were shining blue in the morning light. I entered the door and smelled her coffee in the air. She let me in her kitchen to give me a cup while she prepared herself. She had a small but warm house, so as soon as I was alone I started to look around. I didn’t know if she left her bedroom door open intentionally, but it was open. A quick glimpse inside revealed me she was taking off her pajama trousers, she had a wonderful ass, rounded from the two pregnancies and she had a sparse pubic hair between her thighs. My mouth was watering and my cock started to grow. After the trousers she removed her blouse revealing to me her breast just to discover the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen. Her nipples were stiff for the coolness of the morning. I didn’t want to be seen so I drew back when I met for a millisecond her eyes in the mirror in her room. She knew everything. She knew I was looking at her all the time. She wanted me to see!

I got back in the kitchen where I stood till she came to me with a smile. She sat and she told me that she saw me peeping from the corridor, and that it was not fair from me to do so. She told me that I was a little pervert as always was since that infamous summer.

Again she stressed me that I have sick behavior when I try to look at her naked all the time I have the occasion. I looked at her with a puzzled face because she wasn’t angry at all despite the severe thing she was telling me. Than she told me that now I was surely have my “problem” and that we had plenty of time to pass in the car and she didn’t want me to be stressed by her presence.

I was standing in front of her near the table and suddenly she ordered me to lower my trousers. I was both exited and embarrassed from the situation but my hand started to unbutton my fly by her own will. I lowered my trousers to reveal a huge bulge in my pants, I also had a large stain of pre-cum on one side. She reached my pants and lowered them and pulling me toward her at the same time. She looked at my big erect and throbbing cock and then she looked in my eyes and she told me how much I was a disgusting and dirty boy. She told me that I should be ashamed of myself to stick my dirty cock in her face than she opened her mouth and let it in all the way.

I was shocked and still like a rock with my giant cock buried in my cousins mouth! She moved in and out in a very slow movement blowing me in a way I was never blown in my life. Her mouth was delicate and firm at the same time and she had drops of pre-cum and saliva dripping from her chin to her blouse. She stopped and looked down to the stains of cum she had on her chest and told me that I was a dirty little pig and look the mess I was doing on my cousin. Than she took my cock deeper than before till her lips touched the skin of my belly.

Oh God! I was in paradise I felt the heat and the softness of her throat with the big head of my penis. She was sucking my sperm out and I was getting crazy! I had to shoot in no time but she stood still making me going mad. I begged her to let me go. Than she started to move faster without letting my cock leave her mouth. I was about to come, she felt that and so she grabbed my buttocks with her long nails dug in my flesh. I shot the longest and strongest flow of sperm ever followed by more than ten minor shots. She swallowed and swallowed every drop letting my cock dig deep in her throat massaging the big head with her tongue. A rope of cum stained her cheek and many little drops were falling on her breast when she let me go with a sound of satisfaction.

My legs were trembling, I reached the nearest chair and fell on it. I was speechless, she was looking at me out of breath. Than she told me that she had fantasized the flavor of my cum for 26 years. She revealed me that her husband didn’t have a flavor so good as I had so she was waiting to taste mine for years.

She promise me that was just the beginning… and that was just before we even left her house!

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