Shopping trip to remember – Part One

Lucy, Julie and I were all eighteen and it was the summer after our senior year. Since we would be off to college in the fall we wanted to go out with a bang. We were at the mall in the next town over when we walked into a lingerie store so Julie could buy something for her and her boyfriend. Julie was more modest so we went with her to help.

Lucy was walking around and found a display of different vibrators and toys, so she called us over. Lucy began to tell Julie to buy one and went into detail about what her and her boyfriend, Derikk, could do with it like, ‘He could ram it into your pussy as he’s sucking on your clit.’

Julie blushed deeply.

We went over to the changing room to watch Julie try stuff on. As she was changing she needed help to lace a corset up so I went in to help her. When I went in there I realized how fit she was. I told her, ‘Damn, Julie, you look sexy.’ Once again she blushed. When she came out wearing it our jaws dropped. She just smiled.

‘After talking about those vibrators, and watching this I am really turned on,’ I whispered to Lucy once Julie went to go change into something else. Lucy and I were totally comfortable sharing stuff like that.

She replied with, ‘I know, me too. Maybe we should change that.’

It didn’t take much convincing from me. ‘I’m game,’ I said. ‘Let’s convince Julie?’

Lucy agreed and went in to help Julie when she called. Lucy came out smiling and said, ‘She’s putting her clothes on, let’s go pick one out?!’

We walked over to the display and picked out a dildo that was eight inches long and four inches across. We also got a vibrator. After paying for the toys and Julie’s lingerie we went out to the car in the parking garage. Lucy turned around and pulled me close and started kissing me while Julie watched in astonishment. When we broke the kiss I noticed Julie rubbing and pinching her nipples.

‘May I?’ I asked her. She just shook her head in response. I proceeded to unbutton her shirt while Lucy started kissing her. Once I got her shirt off I kissed my way from her neck around her boob to her bellybutton and back up. I then enclosed my lips around her nipple and started sucking.

Once I noticed her breathing get heavy I stopped. Lucy got the idea and stopped also. She stammered, ‘Wh-why did you stop?’

Lucy said, ‘It’s not going to be that easy.’

Lucy and I started to strip. Julie caught on and finished taking off her pants and underwear. I reached behind Julie letting my 38D breasts dangle across her face to get the bag from the store. I opened the dildo and vibrator. I stuck the dildo up to Julie’s mouth and she put her mouth on it and started sucking it like a dick.

I took it out of her mouth and sat back in the seat. I put my feet up on the headrests so they could see. I was already very wet and in one swift motion stuck it in my hole, all 8 inches. I turned the vibrator on and stuck it on my clit.

I started pumping in and out of my pussy. First slower, then faster, then alternating. I looked up and noticed that the girls were masturbating each other while watching me. That turned me on even more. Once I got close to orgasm Julie pulled my hand away, took the dildo out, licked it clean and set it aside. She then threw the vibrator to Lucy.

All of a sudden she stuck her tongue into my hole and proceeded to tongue-fuck me and rubbed my clit to orgasm. It was beautiful. We decided to get dressed, and go to my apartment.

To be continued…

This is my first story. Please go easy on me.

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