Me and mom( lesbian story)

Author: Themomfucker

Hi,im Lilly and im 16 i live with my single mom carie. This is the story of how we become fuck buddies….

Hey mom i say as i walk into the house. Its the last day of school and my mom wanted to do a movie night. Hey sweetie come on down and sit im almost ready for the movie. I sit on our couch and look up to see my mom. She sits next to me and put on the movie… 20 minutes in a lesbian sex scene comes on and my mom looks at it then me. She turns off the tv and says baby i know this is weird but mama wants to fuck you. I look at her, to be honest im wet due to that scene, so i say fine but you better fuck me good. She smile and kisses me. I kiss back and she grabs my tits and begins to rub them. Oh mommy i moan she removes my shirt and hers. Baby come to my room ive got toys. We walk into her room and i see a wall of sex toys. My mom grabs the lube and a huge cock strap on. Bend over on the bed she says as she puts on the strap on. I remove my pants and bend over. All of the sudden i feel the cock at my ass. Ok sweetie this may hurt she says as she slams into my tight asshole. Oh fuck yess harder mommy i moan as she fucks me. She slaps my ass.hard and pushes in more. Oh baby girl mommy likes a tight ass she says as she fucks me senseless. Soon i cum and she pull out takes the strap on off and.we both fall asleep. I love my mom..

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