Lises Bar – the Next Day

At 11 the next morning I stepped out of a taxi and entered Lise’s bar again. I’d worn a knee length dress in mid-blue – a summer dress because the weather was warm. I had on silk, white knickers but otherwise I was naked beneath the dress. Lise was sitting in a corner of the bar reading a newspaper.

‘Kitty, welcome! I know Greta will be here soon – she is looking forward to showing you our lovely City. You will have a wonderful day together and much pleasure, I know.’ As she spoke so she stood and advanced on me to give me a warm kiss on my mouth.

‘You must learn, Lise, that Kitty is not to be kissed on the mouth by anyone but me.’ Greta’s voice had a smile in it.

Lise and I turned to face her. She was wearing cream linen trousers which were very, very tight, emphasising her long, well shaped legs. She had strappy sandals on her feet and a loose, white silk blouse that showed her nipples beautifully. Her short, dark hair shone as did her lovely clear eyes.

‘Now, Kitty, it is time for you to be a tourist and me to be a guide I think.’ I went to her and she kissed my mouth very deeply, her hands roaming under my dress at my arse. ‘So, you are not a whore today. I tell you Lise, she was without panties yesterday. It made me think she was a whore! I asked myself, are all English women whores? Isn’t that simply awful? Let us go, Kitty, I am eager.’ She was like a whirlwind.

We waved goodbye to Lise and left the bar holding hands. Her heels clicked on the pavement as we strolled and I noticed a long, black Mercedes following us, creeping along the side of the road as we walked.

Greta explained, ‘We will need the car for some part of our day so I have told my girl to follow us.’ She looked at me, smiling. ‘Lise and I own six places in Berlin – we are disgustingly rich, is that not so wonderfully decadent? I am taking you to another of our clubs tonight. You will, I think, love it.’

The sun shone and the heat of the day increased and it was a welcome relief to get in the car and feel the aircon cold on me. We had already been to the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, that relic of the cold war that my Dad had so often talked about. Now, she said, we were going to see the suburbs of Berlin and find somewhere she loved for lunch. Her hand was resting between my legs as if that intimacy was the most natural thing in the world. Her ‘girl,’ the blonde haired driver seldom spoke except to accept instructions.

‘She is Eva and she is a good driver. She used to work in one of our clubs but became too old and hideously ugly, is that not correct, Eva.’

The girl turned to look at her employer and she was quite beautiful and looked about 40. She smiled broadly but said nothing.

‘You see, Kitty, absolutely hideous. I don’t know why I keep her.’ I had my own thoughts on that!

Lunch was in a wonderful hotel with breathtaking views across the city. We ate seafood and drank Sekt – it seemed I had drunk nothing else – and all the while Greta talked. She was amusing, entertaining and also very anxious that I should enjoy myself. I found myself feeling incredibly happy.

After lunch, Eva drove us to a large house beside a lake. The gates to the drive opened as we approached and the Mercedes whispered up the long drive and stopped outside the imposing front doors. Greta made me wait until Eva came to open the car door for me as she had when we first got into the car and each time we stopped to get out. I knew, now, that Eva was a permanent member of Greta’s household – she had told me so over lunch when she also explained that Eva had indeed worked in a club as a hostess but had quickly become Greta’s lover and servant.

The house was cool after the heat of the day outside. The hallway was large, dominated by a huge fireplace. The sitting room we went into was small and intimate – small, that is, by the house’s standards – with soft chairs and a French window overlooking a large garden with a swimming pool.

Greta slumped into a chair and shouted to Eva to bring us a cool drink – you may guess what it was. I felt as if I were in a decadent play.

‘We will go to bed now, maybe even sleep a little, but perhaps not.’ She smiled. ‘In my profession we tend to sleep during the day because our nights are long. Tonight we are going to my favourite of our clubs. It is called ‘The Fall’ because Lise has a love of Milton, your English poet. You will need to wear something different but we will find something appropriate for you. Eva will deal with that. Now, come `kitty and bring that bottle with you. We should fuck and sleep, no?’

I followed her up a large stairway to a huge bedroom with a massive bed. The sheets were silk and turned down. Greta stood next to me, her hand on my arse. ‘I like silk sheets – I am a hedonist, yes. Take off that dress and let Greta see you.’

I stripped off and she walked around me, touching me, cupping my breasts, squeezing my nipples until I gasped softly which made her smile. She stepped back and slowly undressed herself as I watched.

‘I like you to watch.’

‘I like to watch, you’re beautiful.’

She smiled and this was a warm, genuine smile. ‘Sit on the bed.’

I sat with my back against the headboard. She sat at the foot end of the bed, naked now and legs spread wide. She curled her feet inwards then rolled forwards so that her face was close to mine. The kiss was deep and intense. It lasted and lasted. Her hand came to my pussy.

‘Copy me, do as I do.’

I put my hand between her legs and as her fingers slithered into me so mine did into her. As hers curled so did mine. When her pace increased, I moved faster – when she slowed I did. Greta broke the kiss and with her face close to min she continued to work the magic in me. Whatever she did, I tried to replicate it because I knew she was giving me pleasure in the way she wanted it from me.

‘She whispered, ‘No pain for Kitty now, just pleasure. Pain is for the dark of the night, yes?’

I nodded.

‘I told you, I like words, Kitty, give me your words.’

‘Pain is for the night, Miss Greta. Pain is your pleasure, you need to give it.’ This seemed to please her because she curled her fingers deep inside me as if they had clenched at the thought of my tears.

‘Tears are given willingly if they make this wetter.’ I curled my fingers as hers had. And then her head went back and she began a soft growling noise that grew and grew into that same elemental scream she had emitted the first time in the room above Lise’s Bar.

When she had calmed she kissed me, her fingers slithering slowly out of me. I felt her pull me so I lay across her legs and I thought she was going to spank me but her fingers began a new assault on my pussy and in my darker entrance, wet fingers that entered me easily and felt so good there. Her left hand caressed my back and stroked around to my nipples which she treated gently and lovingly until my back began to arch.

‘Remember, Kitty,’ was all she said but I knew what she meant and asked if I could let it go. Her hand moved to cover my mouth and a finger entered there too and she said, “Give I to me, Kitty, give me your pleasure.’

I lay in her arms, two naked bodies a little damp from exertion, mouths close and I could taste her. She slept with tiny snores like loud breaths and I slept too but before I did I was conscious of a dep affection developing for this woman. I wondered if that was just the sex but as I looked at her I knew it was different. I shuddered though when I thought of the dark night ahead.

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