A Desperate Gambit

Megan and Fiona return home, giggling a little and basking in the joy of being part of Miss Caitlin’s group. Caitlin had set a couple of new rules with the induction of Fiona (the two not allowed to directly to play with each other, but are permitted to watch and be pleasured together) and has also left instructions for Becky to take on Fiona as part of her mentoring duties. A twinge of disappointment courses through Megan but Becky is hardly a disappointment, the gorgeous blonde is always a pleasure and is a great source of it too – as both Fiona and Megan have experienced firsthand. Megan manages to spend a couple of moments alone with Emma, but not enough time to confess her feelings or for anything else – in fact, Emma seemed blissfully unaware of her admirer. All this changes when Miss Caitlin summons the girls to the mansion.

“Now girls, tonight we will be indulging in some mutual group play – the star of the show being Fiona,” says Miss Caitlin, gesturing to Megan’s mother. “However, not everyone will be taking part – someone, and she shall remain a mystery, has requested the use of the spare bedroom for a special session. Carry on into to the main bedroom girls, and be sure to lose your clothes quickly,” finishes Miss Caitlin, smiling at the group. A lot of the girls are keen and begin to strip immediately. Megan follows suit but keeps a sharp eye on Caitlin, who is now in deep conversation with both Becky and Emma, their mistress kisses both of them deeply before the rest of the girls drag Fiona into the room and Caitlin waves at Megan to head upstairs, where Emma is waiting.

The look of delight spreads across Megan’s face as she bounds up the stairs, she enters the room and already Emma is stripped down to her lacy, white bra and panties and is laying seductively on the bed. Unable to contain herself, Megan leaps onto the bed and plants a deep, sensual kiss – the girls’ tongues exploring each other’s mouths and Emma neatly manages to break the kiss and lift Megan’s t-shirt off in one smooth motion and immediately begins kissing her again. The girls’ passion increases with every touch, every action and Megan’s hand starts to stroke down Emma’s stomach, starting to rub her pussy through her little white panties. Emma lies on her back, pulling Megan over her and lustfully kisses her, moaning into the kisses as Megan’s fingers pull the panties to one side and stroke her puffy pussy lips and moistening at every rub. The wetness of Emma’s pussy rapidly increases, as do the volume of the moans and Megan now starts to feel the tingle spread from her own pussy, the magic tingle that precedes a mind-blowing orgasm. With their mouths locked together, Emma’s hand reaches down and she starts to trace little circles on Megan’s damp mound – pushing the girl’s panties into her pussy a little and feeling the moist juices spread across the fabric. Moaning louder, Megan struggles out of her skirt and tugs her panties out of her pussy and enjoying the sensation as it spreads her sensitive pussy lips and she suddenly feels a set of fingers hold them open, stroking her clit softly.

“Emma please! Please don’t tease me, not tonight baby,” whimpers Megan, her hips helplessly grinding the girl’s fingers. Emma just smiles wickedly and continues to stroke and rub Megan’s wet pussy – Megan struggles to keep herself from cumming immediately, her moans turning into shouts as her pussy is constantly teased by the slender fingers of her lover. The long, soft and seductive strokes push Megan to her limits almost immediately, Emma senses this and cruelly slows down – meaning that poor Megan’s pussy instantly becomes more sensitive and desperate for attention. Coated in her juices, the sensitive pussy lips quiver under Emma’s touch and Megan’s hip buck, desperately trying to get more pleasure. Emma giggles a little and begins to rub them faster, the moist lips making a distinct sound as they are pleasured more and more. Unable to control herself, Megan launches her own offensive and stuffs her fingers into Emma’s panties and begins to rub the wet puffy lips – determined to make Emma cum first. With her fingers stroking the swollen lips, Megan is entranced at Emma’s expressions – closing her eyes a little to enjoy the pleasure, each stroke provoking a moan and twitch until she feels the wet pussy convulse a little. Not as experienced at teasing, Megan’s fingers slowly slide into the warm pussy and feeling the girl’s warm juices coat her fingers and she fingers deeper with every moan that escapes Emma’s mouth, feeling the girl’s hips squirm and force the fingers in deeper. Not willing to be outdone, Emma drives her fingers deep into Megan’s pussy and begins to finger her slowly – knowing that she is on the brink of an orgasm, Emma stretches Megan’s pussy wide and starts twisting her fingers inside her which pushes Megan over the edge. The smell of girly juices fills their minds with more naughty thoughts, driving them wild and desperate for more, for this to never end. Writhing and squirming on Emma’s slender fingers, Megan rides them harder and faster and starts cumming hard on them, screams and moans filling the room as the strong aroma of teen pussy affecting both girls. Emma slides her fingers out, covered in Megan’s cum and sucks on them, tasting the beautiful girl’s juices before feeling her own pussy being abused and rapidly approaches her own orgasm. With fingers plunging deep into her pussy, Emma cries out in intense pleasure as Megan’s thumb begins to rub the clit, teasing it as it enlarges with the sudden attention. Megan works hard on Emma’s dripping wet pussy, determined to get the desired orgasm from Emma. The girl squirms and moans louder as the creamy cum finally starts leaking from her juicy slit.

“Ohh god! Stop! Please!” begs Emma, her pussy twitching and contracting around the fingers, her whole body beginning to shake. Slowly, Megan withdraws her fingers and licks the tasty treat of them before kissing Emma little pussy passionately, her tongue licking the swollen clit in rapid little circles that make the orgasm-exhausted girl lurch and whimper in extreme pleasure. Megan crawls up to Emma’s face, the lingering taste of cum in her mouth as she kisses her deeply.

“I really like you Emma,” whispers Megan, moving to kiss her again – but Emma turns her head. “I mean i..”

“Megan wait, please,” she murmurs, sliding out from underneath her. “I’m really sorry but I’m not with Miss Caitlin for a relationship. You’re really pretty and absolutely amazing in bed but…but I can’t be with you. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Can’t? Why not?” asks Megan quietly, now very conscious of her naked and cum-covered body.

“Miss Caitlin has forbidden me – another already desires you. We can still do things together, but she has expressed stronger feelings for you and I respect that,” replies Emma, moving closer to Megan and kissing her, Megan feels a little disappointment help but is relieved that she is still friends – if she can’t have Emma, maybe this new girl will be fun. “Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”

“Who is it?”

“Me,” floats a familiar voice from the door. Emma cuddles the girl at the door – Megan turns around, looking through her curtain of luscious dark hair and is delighted to see her friend fully naked and raring to go.

“Show her how much you love her Megan,” says Emma, smiling broadly. “And you show Megan how good you really are.”

“Oh I will Emma, I promise,” replies the most charming voice in the world.

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