Thomas meets Misty -part II

Misty and Thomas finally fell asleep in each other’s arms around four am. Thomas woke up at about eight am and had to piss so badly he wasn’t sure he would make it to the bathroom. He rolled over from Misty’s warm body and ran into the bathroom to relieve his needs.

While he was in there he showered and used her razor to shave. He wrapped a towel around his waist and came back into the bedroom. He saw Misty lying on her back in the big bed still sound asleep. His cum was gone from her stomach, thighs and pussy.

Her dark skin was beautiful against the white sheets. They had fucked each other like animals just a few hours ago and both of them had been covered with cum when they fell asleep holding each other. Sometime during the early morning hours, Misty must have gotten up, most likely to take a piss too. To his surprise she must have cleaned off her body and now looked very fresh. As the sun started coming up, Misty’s room was getting the direct rays. He watched her body as the light started to fill the room. He touched her leg and she moved it. Thomas could now see her pussy slit shinning up at him. Thomas inhaled her light perfume as he moved his face closer to her. He loved her clean fresh smell.

He sat on the bed and just looked at this beautiful woman in front of him. He watched her breasts rise and fall as she slept her nipples fat and soft. He wanted to touch them but let her sleep. Instead, he moved around and looked between her thighs at her almost completely shaved pussy. That was another surprise to him. When they first came into her hotel room around 1:30AM, she wasn’t shaved only trimmed. He knew because he ate her pussy in the doorway minutes after they were inside and the door closed. He knew dam well she wasn’t bald then. But, right afterwards she went into the bathroom to freshen up. When she came out of the bathroom, she had shaved the sides and top of her pussy. He was starting to get hard as he looked at her smooth dark skin in the morning light.

As more and more light came into the room, he moved up and lightly kissed her pussy. She moaned and felt his tongue licking down between her thighs as far as he could reach. Her hands reached for his head as she spread her legs for him. Thomas immediately moved between her thighs. Now as his mouth covered almost all of her warm pussy, she lifted her ass up pushing her pussy against his mouth.

“Oh Thomas! Oh yes baby. Lick me,” she moaned .

Her hands came down tight and held his head on her open slit gently pushing it in against her cunt. He loved the musk which starting to be released by her body as he worked it. He wanted her to cum from his mouth and tongue and he wanted to watch her pussy go crazy as she went off.

The closer he could get to it the better, and with it in his mouth when she climaxed he was a happy guy. He knew she loved to have her pussy licked and suckled, so he gave her what she loved. His tongue began to run up and down her entire slit. His mouth sucked both sides of her fat swollen pussy. She slowly began to rotate her hips around in an up and down motion as he began to tongue fuck her pussy. He looked up over it to see her face. Misty had her eyes closed and her mouth was forming a small smile as his tongue made love to her cunt hole. She was breathing faster now as he licked and licked her pussy. He could hear her moaning as his fingers now danced over her wet warm pussy and slide into her hole.

He worked his fingers in and out of her pussy as his mouth now searched and located her hard round little clit. He told her to help him by pulling up on the skin above her cunt. She moved her hands off of his head and opened used them to move her clit hood out of the way by elevating it. There in front of him in the sunlight was her pretty oblong, little, swollen, rock hard clit right in front of his eyes. He flicked it lightly with his tongue and Misty immediately lifted her ass up off the bed and pumped it hard into his face. He knew he had her. He knew she was going to cum nicely as he now concentrated only on her clit. He flicked his tongue again over her clit.

Then again and again and again picking up speed and pressing it harder each time he touched it. She cried out with passion and started to pump her hips making her pussy fuck his face as he licked. He used his lips and kissed her hard each time she thrust her hips pushing her cunt into his face. Misty pumped faster and faster as he licked her clit faster and faster. He used two finger to insert into her hole and began fucking her with them fast.

It took only about 1 minute for Misty to cry out: Oh yes Thomas. I”m cumming. Oh Thomas eat me. Oh God baby. Oh yes. Lick me baby. Oh it’s so good. I’m cumming. Ahhhh. Ohhhhh. Shit yessssssssssss!”

Her ass and hips went wild as the pumped against his face. Her entire pussy was being sucked into his mouth. While his fingers played with her ass hole. He let her hole slip out of his mouth and inserted two fingers into it. He pulled his wet sticky fingers out of her hole and held her ass up with both hands as his mouth began to hum directly into her cunt. Her body began to shake and shiver as she screamed this time, climaxing again from the vibrations. Her body was hanging in the air humping into Thomas’s face and he could taste her juices as they ran down his chin and hands.

He made love to her pussy with his mouth like no other guy ever done to her. Thomas sucked and licked her pussy for more than a half an hour. He never seemed to tire from giving his woman oral sex. Misty rocked, pumped and rotated her body on his mouth climaxing again and again and again. In some case as she had an orgasm she would lift her entire body up off the bed until only her feet shoulders and the back of her head remained on the bed. She held his head with both hands and pumped her pussy in his mouth flooding it with her cum.

As she started to come down from one orgasm, Thomas would do something else and give her body another one. They came back to back to back until Misty was so drained she tried to lift his head up off her snatch.

She was completely drained and her body was wet from her perspiration. When Thomas finally felt she had had enough, he let her body fall back on the bed and pulled his head up and out from between her soft dark thighs. He was covered with her cum and his face had a huge smile on it. Misty looked down and pulled his head and body up next to hers until she could kiss him.

She rolled over against him and as they lay side by side she kissed and held him for a long time. Thomas could feel her full round breasts pressing against him with her nipples now very hard. He also could feel her wet pussy rubbing on his cock. Misty broke the kiss and smiled at him

She told him, “Thank you baby. Oh God that was unbelievable. Very nice. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning!”

This was the best fuck so far and they had been together for less than two days Thomas knew she wanted to get dressed and go to her family’s house for a visit.

He asked her as he licked her nipple on her left breast, “How about I go with you to your mom’s house and help with the driving?”

She held his head gently as he licked and bit her hardening nipple and said, “Would you? That would be great but I have to tell you something. You are the first white man I have ever brought home!”

He smiled and said, “So is that a problem?”

She told him, “You may feel a little uncomfortable with my dad, but it will pass!”

He smiled and said, “Well as long as his daughter is okay with me, then I can deal with it. Plus it will give us a chance to talk and get to know each other better,”

She smiled at him as he looked up from between her breasts and said, “Let get ready then and I’ll meet you down stairs in an hour. I think you need to get changed!”

He looked at his clothes in a pile on the floor and laughed. She got up off the bed and came to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against him kissing him hard. They held each other rubbing their bodies against each other and fucking with their tongues! As his cock began to come alive again.

Misty broke and said, “Does that thing ever get tired? You better go before we are late!”

She took his cock in her small hands and said, “If this gets much bigger, we will have to work on deflating it again! You better get out of here!’

He dressed and went to his room to shower, and get dressed. An hour later he met her in the lobby of the hotel.

When he saw her he could only say wow!! She had on a set of white shorts that showed off her long legs and great ass. Her top was light brown and buttoned up the front. She left the blouse out of her shorts and he could see she didn’t wear a bra! Her breasts didn’t hang down very at all for their size, swaying as she walked. As he got closer he could see the pout line of her nipples pressing against the material of the blouse!

She was one beautiful, spectacular woman! They greeted each other and walked to the parking lot. He loved the way her hips moved side to side, as she waked. He opened the door and watched her long legs and beautiful body slide into the driver’s seat. He bent in and kissed her. This was going to be a great day!

They drove out of the hotel parking lot towards the beach. Her folks lived about three minutes from the Ft. Lauderdale beach in FL. As Misty drove down Rt95, he was blessed with the following sight. Her long legs and that very tight, pair of shorts cut very close to her pussy. As he looked up her body he could see her wonderful full breasts pushing her blouse out and straining the buttons. She had two of them undone and the third and forth was pulled thigh across her chest. The blouse material was pulled somewhat open from her fullness and her cleavage and roundness of her left breast was showing in the gaps.

Around the first fifty miles they talked constantly about thing. Abut their jobs and what they wanted in the future. As she drove she moved her blouse and was showing him more and more of her breasts. It was mostly the outline of her left breast and her nipples pushing against the blouse but enough to excite him continuously. He move closer to her and rubbed her neck and let his hand roam down to cup her breast. He undid two more buttons and ran his hand inside cupping all of her full tit. As she drove he played with her nipples and tits until he had both of them out of her blouse. Thomas bent down and kissed her neck. Licking it.

He asked her, “Misty, do you realize what you are doing to me baby?”

She smiled and said, “What? I’m driving! It’s your fault, keep your hands to your self!

She smiled and used her hand to cup both breasts and hold them up showing him. He just moaned, unzipped his shorts, pulled out his cock and started to beat off.

She said, “Are you trying to make me have an accident? Put that thing away!”

He smiled and said, “ Give me your right hand,”

He took her hand off her breast and placed it on his thick hard cock.

He said, “Feel how hard you have made me baby, I can’t sit here like this!”

She squeezed his cock and then slowly stroked it up and down. She sighed when she felt how hard and swollen it was.

She turned and told him, “Well you’ll have to work on it yourself baby. I’m busy here!”

“Pull over at the next exit,” he replied.

She did and they pulled into the rest area. When she had the car in park, he moved next to her and put his hand between her open legs. She reached for his cock. They worked on each other for about a half hour. He had his fingers under her right short leg opening and was stroking her pussy softly with two fingers.

She was beating him off making the pre-cum form on the top of his cock every few seconds. She would tease him by removing the pre-cum with her finger and then licking her finger. She offered him some pre-cum too. But he had enough juice from her wet open pussy to suck on.

She left her blouse open just like he had it so her tits were in full view for him. It was winter and as night began to fall around 5:30PM. When it was dark enough he slid his shorts down to his knees and Misty bent over and began to suck on his hard throbbing cock with her mouth. Her hand never stopped pumping up and down on his shaft. Thomas moaned and moaned as she sucked his cock for a very long time.

She told him, ‘Get into the back seat Thomas!”

He climbed over the back seat with his shorts down around his knees. She climbed over and dropped her shorts stepping out of one leg. She straddled his legs and slowly moved down on top of his cock. As she worked the fat head of his cock into her pussy, she moaned and then smiled as his cock went into her pussy.

When she had him fully inside her body, she stopped and sat there kissing and holding him tight. He slowly began fucking her. Misty rocked back and forth on his cock letting it rub inside her pussy. It was a slow easy fuck this time and they both held each other tight as both of them rocked their hips and pumped their sex organs against each other. About a half hour later they were now going wild. Fucking like animals as their lust and passion grew and grew.

Misty was grunting, “Oh Thomas. Oh god. Oh god, fuck me baby. Oh god it’s so good! Your cock feels so god Thomas. Ohhh! Goddddd!”

He was moaning and sucking her tits as he lifted her up again and again. She hit her head on the roof and then bent down holding him tight as she slammed her cunt into his cock hard and fast. He pumped and pumped into her like a machine now wanting to cum so bad.

Misty was moaning and biting his shoulders as she humped and humped his cock. Then she threw her head back and arched her back as she rocked on his cock cumming and cumming as she reached her orgasm. He watched her body fuck him and her face changed from a strain, to a smile, to a look of satisfaction, back to a strain as she went through her orgasm. When she was at her peek her hips were moving so fast that her cunt was flying up and down his cock. He could feel her wetness on his body now and knew she had cum. He smiled as she slowly began to slow down. When she was calm again she kissed him and held him tight.

She kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, “I sure can feel you now baby! Do you know how good your cock feels inside my pussy?”

He smiled and told her, “Yes. Yes I think I do baby!’

She smiled and slowly rocked on his cock as she looked him in the eye and asked him, “Are you going to cum? If you don’t cum soon, we’re going to be late!”

So she slid her warm tight pussy off of him and knelt on the floor in the back sat. She put his wet slippery cock in her mouth and began to suck him and jerk him off. Within minutes of watching her head move up and down his cock and feeling her hand and mouth working hard on him, he knew he was going to cum.

She knew it too and put as much of his cock in her mouth as she could and sucked hard. Her cheeks were caved in and her head moved faster and faster up and down his cock as her hands worked the rest of his cock shaft. Thomas arched his hips up off the back seat and held her head cumming again and again in her mouth. He filled it and they both used a napkin from a fast food store to catch the rest. Misty popped his cock off her mouth and looked up at him with a full mouth. She smiled a little and then swallowed his load. She wiped her chin and lips and sat up.

She told him, “Now will you PLEASE put your shorts back on and drive? We have to get moving!’

He pulled her to him and kissed her and held her for a few seconds.

She pulled away and told him, “You can pay me back tonight when we get to the hotel! I expect the same service from you my love!”

He smiled and told her, “Gladly Misty, I would eat you any time any place!”

She told him as she handed him the keys, “I’ll hold you to that baby! Now we have to get moving, you drive!”

He drove the rest of the twenty-five miles as she fixed herself up. When they got within a block of her mom’s home. He stopped and combed his hair and used one of those wet wipes to wash his face. She used it afterwards to wipe her own excess cum out of her pussy. Fresh, they both walked to the front door.

Misty’s mom opened the door and Thomas did a double take. She looked more like Misty’s sister than her mom. She stood about 5’3′ small body with large tits. She had jet-black hair and lights eyes and very pretty just like her daughter. Misty’s mom was very friendly and they talked about what he did and how they met and that sort of thing. As they did, Misty’s dad came into the room. He was a black man and stood about 6’3” 250 with graying hair and brown eyes. He wasn’t quiet as friendly as her mom but greeted him and shook his hand.

He seemed to listen but didn’t say much. Dinner was very good and afterwards Misty took her dad into the kitchen while her mom sat with him in the living room. He wasn’t sure what she told her father but he seemed a little friendlier when the four of them were back together in the living room. It was around 10:30pm and they were getting ready to leave when it started raining hard. So they waited until 11pm but it didn’t stop.

He said, “Well we have to leave now so we can make it back the hotel before 1am if we’re lucky. So we better get going.”

Misty kissed them both and her mom kissed him on the cheek. Her dad shook his hand again and they ran to the car.

Once in the car he drove to the freeway and headed to the hotel two hours away. Misty sat close to him now and the big Buick gave her room to stretch out on the front seat. She laid her head on his shoulder and brought her legs up on the seat.

She held his arm and whispered, “Thank you!”

“For what baby?” he replied.

‘For coming with me and meeting my folks! My mom really likes you and my dad, well he likes you as much as he likes any guy I date.”

She kissed his neck and rubbed his shoulders as he drove. About half way out of Lauderdale the traffic stopped dead due to a six car accident. The road was shut down completely. When he could he pulled off of 95 and pulled into a little town where they decide to get something to drink.

Both of them got drinks and headed back to the highway. As they started to get on the entranceway cars were line up back out on the main road. So they decide to spend the night in this town! As they drove around they saw three motels and then they saw a Fairfield Inn. Since he get points for staying there, they pulled into the parking lot. Thomas ran into the lobby and checked them into the last room they had left. As he pulled up to the room, he ran and opened the door. Misty came running in behind him. She was wet as he was. Her blouse stuck to her body showing him her full breasts and hard cold nipples.

He pulled her to him and said, “We better get you out of these wet clothes before you catch a cold.’

She smiled at him and watched him unbutton her blouse. As he unbuttoned it she pulled it out of her shorts. He slid it off her shoulders and let it drop on the floor. Seeing her beautiful breasts pointing out at him. He used his hands and cupped each one. They were wet and cold. Taking the towel he began to dry them off for her.

She stood there smiling and asked, ‘Are you having a good time?’

He smiled back and told her, “I’m doing what any good man would do for his woman. I’m just keeping you from getting a chest cold baby. I don’t want you to get a cold baby, not in these beautiful breasts!”

He bent down and kissed each one. Her nipples were hard, long and sticking out making his mouth water.

She told him, “Oh brother! I have head some bad lines before, but that one was the worst!

She smiled as Thomas lowered his mouth to one of her nipples. His cock was rock hard and they had the entire night ahead of them.

Thomas loved Misty’s tits and seeing them wet and cool with nipples as hard and long as any he had ever seen in his life. His mouth sucked and sucked on each one while his fingers cupped her big breasts and squeezed and pulled on them. Misty held his head and told him how good he was making her feel as his other hand cupped Misty between her legs. He could feel her wet shorts and felt water dripping down her legs from the rain! He felt her shiver and she held him tighter as the damp clothes and cool wetness on her body was chilling her. Thomas broke apart and got the blanket off the bed and wrapped it around her shoulders. He then went back sucking those great nipples and tits! She held the blanket around her but she still was cold. Another shiver as he sucked her left nipple made him stop again.

He smiled and said, “We should get you warm baby. You are going to be sick and I’m not kidding. How about we take a hot shower together? I’ll warm you up starting with between your legs.”

He cupped her cunt with his hand and pressed as he squeezed it. She moaned.

She said with her eyes closed, “Yes! Let’s get in the tub but let’s take a bath together!’

They walked arm and arm into the bathroom and Thomas turned on the hot water. As they watched the tub begin to fill, he knelt on the floor and undid did her shorts. She had to wiggle and move her body around to slip her nice round ass and hips out of them. Thomas watched her pussy as she lifted each foot up and stepped out of the shorts.

She stood there in front of him completely nude now and he pulled her gently to him. His mouth covered her pussy and he began to suck on it now. His hands moved up her body and cupped her breasts as she held his head against her pussy. She shivered again but this time it was from his tongue. Licking and sucking on Misty’s cunt she moaned and began to rock on his face.

She told him, “Oh god baby! Stop for a second or the tub will over flow!’

She stepped towards the tub and Thomas put his foot in. They both got in with Misty lying back against his chest. Only her nipples stuck up out of the very warm and Thomas played with them pulling and pinching each one. Misty laid back and closed her eyes as Thomas worked on her body. His fingers were magic as he moved his hands over her hips and down between her legs.

With both hands now, Thomas rubbed and fingered her pussy. Misty was very close to cumming when she was standing in front of him and he was eating her out. Now with his ten fingers replacing his mouth and tongue, it only took a few minutes before she arched her hips and lifted her ass up until her cunt was out of the water. He watched over her shoulders as her cunt reached an orgasm on his hand. He could see her nipples were at least two inches long. He watched and loved to see her body and her pussy grinding away on his hands as she climaxed.

“Oh Thomas. Oh God. Oh Thomas. I’m CUMMING OHHHHH GODDDDD!YES!!”

Misty went crazy on his fingers as she pumped and pumped achieving a really good climax. When she had finished her body slipped back down into the water and she turned her head and kissed him long and hard.

He felt her tongue touch his mouth and he opened his mouth accepting it. Sucking and sucking on her tongue he again cupped her full round tits lifting them out of the water. It really got him hot seeing his body touching her body in any way. He loved the feeling of her big tits and hard long nipples almost as much as he loved her dark skin pussy. After a few minutes, Misty lifted herself up and turned around. She sat back down facing him now and he felt her hand circle the hard shaft of his cock. She raised her body up out of the water high enough to take the big thick cock head and slide it against her cunt hole. Thomas smiled as she looked at him with lust in her eyes. Hell it was all over her face! She wiggled her hips a little and they both felt the head moving into her body.

She moaned, “Oh Thomas, I love this. I love this so much baby. Fuck me baby. Fuck me slow and easy and fuck me for a long, long time!”

She pushed down and his cock went into her cunt about four inches Now as she rode up and down she got more and more of the thick cock into her pussy! Once she had him all the way in, she began to slowly rock back and forth on him! She bent down and kissed him as she worked her pussy on his cock! Not hard, fast, Misty was going slowly now wanting this fucking to last as long as she could make it! Thomas watched her face and tits as she fucked him.

She told him, “Don’t move. Let me do the work. I want this to last as long as we can make it. Slow and easy baby. I’m going to fuck you slow and easy. Mmmmmm it feels so good! So fucking good!”

Thomas smiled and laid back against the tub as his beautiful dark woman slowly fucked him. Back and forth, back and forth Misty rocked her body as he watched her move! Every once in a while she would bend in and kiss him fucking his mouth with her tongue. Every once in a while Thomas would lift up or she would bend down far enough for him to suck her nipples!

She had her eyes closed now and just moved and rotated her hips making her pussy slip and slide around on his cock! It was one fantastic feeling and sight. Thomas had never been fucked like this before, and he loved it. His cock felt huge. He wanted to thrust it up into her again and again and ram her cunt as he screamed and shot his load, but she told him to stay still! They had been doing this now for at least 30 or 40 minutes! In fact they had been slowly fucking for so long the water was now coo! Misty felt herself getting chilled again!

When she shivered again, Thomas opened his eyes and said, “Come baby! Let’s get out dry off and finish making love on the bed!”

She didn’t want to stop but the water was very cool! Finally she said, “OH GOD. OK! But hurry baby. Hurry. I want you back in me ASAP!”

He smiled and then moaned as he felt her slowly lifted her pussy up his thick hard cock.

She got out of the tub and handed him a towel! He didn’t dry himself, he began to dry her. She stood there letting him dry her and do whatever he wanted to her body! His mouth and tongue felt so nice licking her pussy. He rubbed and licked her until she couldn’t stand it any longer. As he watched her body rock on his hands he knew he was really getting to her and soon she would cum for him!

She finally moaned and told him “Come on baby. Come on let’s get in bed and fuck! I have got to have you back inside me baby OH god Thomas. I want your big cock inside my pussy.”

But he was so hard and so worked up with passion and desire he couldn’t wait until they were on the bed! He couldn’t walk that far He had to have her now. He lifted her up in the air with his strong arms and when he did, she wrapped her legs around him immediately! She reached down between them and inserted his hard cock back inside her.

She told him, “Take me to bed baby and fuck me all night! Oh Thomas! I love you baby. Fuck me good baby make me cum over and over.”

She was slowly riding back and forth on his cock as he held her with her back against the bathroom wall! He pushed all the way into her until their bodies touched. But, instead of carrying her to the bed like she was thinking he was going to do, he turned around and sat her on the edge of the counter and sink!

He told her, “I can’t wait for the bed baby. I have to fuck you now. Here and now baby. It’s my turn now. Now you lay back against the wall and let me fuck you!”

She moaned as she slipped her fingers around the shaft of his big cock feeling how wet and slippery he was s he pumped into her! She had coated his thick shaft with her cum and he was really enjoying how smooth her cunt walls felt as there was little friction now as he fucked her. She was in a dreamland with his big cock fucking her and she didn’t care where he did it!

She only knew she wanted John to fuck her for the rest of the night. All she wanted in her life at this minute was his big thick cock back all the way up inside her lustful body! As Thomas took control now he didn’t fuck her slow. He didn’t fuck her easy! He was way beyond that stage. His body was so full of lust it scared him a little. He had never felt like this before. His hips began to pump and pump his cock hard and fast into her body, again and again and again! She cried out feeling all of him pushing into her body over and over again and she loved it! She fucking loved it! He arched his back and pushed his ass hard into her, shoving his cock all the way into her pussy many, many times!

He lifted her legs from around his body now and moved them up higher in the air, placing a foot on each shoulder. She locked her ankles around his neck! He held her hips and rammed his hard cock like a jackhammer now into her! She arched her hips and tried to lift her ass to meet his stroke, but with her legs up this high she couldn’t do much except feel his big cock ramming into her hole.

She cried “Fuck me baby Oh Thomas. Oh god baby. Fuck me! Fuck me hard. Fuck me. Harder!! Harder baby. Fuck me as hard as you can.I want you to hurt me! Fuck me and make me cum. I’m almost there sugar! OH FUCK. YES THOMAS. HARDER BABY!”

He was humping into her with everything he had now. His cock looked like a blur as it went in and out of her pussy, lifting her body up a little off the counter with each thrust!

He held her hips and just rammed his cock into her over and over and over and over again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down as he kept pumping into her cunt. As his mouth circled her huge long nipple, she shoved it into his mouth hard! He took as much of the big tit into his mouth and sucked as hard as he could suck!

She cried out: ‘I’m cumming baby. Oh God. It’s so fucking good baby. Oh don’t stop. Fuck me harder. OHHH GODDDDD HERE I GOOOOO! Ohhhh! Ahhhh!!”

She went off like a rocket or some sex-crazed lover. He let her legs drop now and she lifted that dark ass up of the counter and fucked him back hard and long!! She had reached two orgasms back to back in only a few seconds as they rammed into each other!

Finally he lifted her up off the counter and walked towards the bed. She was still humping her pussy on his extremely hard thick cock as he buried it all the way inside her. She was slowly coming down from a huge orgasm. But because he still had his huge thick cock inside her pussy she didn’t come down completely! Misty held him tight as he walked them both into the bedroom and stood in front of the bed.

She whispered, “Lie me down and fuck me baby and I’ll make you cum!”

Thomas slowly lowered her to the bed keeping his cock inside her. As she lay there on the edge of the bed Thomas was standing up. He looked down at her beautiful body and they both could feel his cock jump with his excitement! He told her there wasn’t enough light in the room and he wanted to see her. He slid his cock out of her pussy with a pop. Misty moaned when it came out and Thomas walked to the lamp on each side of the bed. He turned them on and walked back towards her open legs. She watched his cock all the way. It bounced as he took each step! It was wet, thick and the head was purple. She marveled at how her small pussy could accept such a thick hard thing like his cock. But, she was glad it could. She moved up on the bed and as she lay there she put her feet on the bed bending her knees. Thomas moved up between then and stroked her cunt slit a few times.

She smiled and told him, “Come back baby. Put that big cock in me and fuck me again. God baby I love your cock!’

He smiled and said, “I love it too. But, baby! I love your pussy more!”

As he knelt between her legs he just looked at her.

She asked him, “Something wrong baby?”

He replied, “No. I was just wondering if you would let me do something?”

She smiled and told him, “Anything. Anything you want baby! I’m yours.”

He smiled and told her, “Well I want to fuck your tits. I want to slid my cock between them before I put it back into your pussy and we fuck again!”

She smiled and pushed her large full breasts together. Thomas moaned as he moved up over her stomach and straddled her tits.

With a knee on both sides of her body he placed his thick cock under her tits and began slowly pumping it up and down as she held her tits tight together. It was such a fantastic sexy sight to see. Her dark body and his white cock very hard now from his excitement was moving between her tits faster now making them both more excited! As he pumped up the head of his cock was close enough now for her to lick! So he would push his cock up between her big tits and hold it there as her tongue licked out over the big purple head! Then he would move it back so he could pump some more.

As he pumped his cock up and down between her tits, she told him. “Pull my nipples baby!”

He smiled as he pumped his cock between her big mounds. His fingers came down and he began to pull and rub her big long nipples, which got longer as he worked on them! She was smiling up at him as he continued to fuck her tits and pull on her nipples with his fingers! Finally after a few more minutes he felt like he was going to cum. He didn’t know if he wanted to shoot a load all over her tits and face, or do what she asked and put his cock inside her and cum in her pussy! His lust took over and made the choice for him. He moved his cock out from between her full round breasts and slid it down her stomach leaving a small wet trail of pre-cum as he moved between her thighs. He smiled at her as he guided his cock back to her wet waiting pussy.

She lifted just a little as he inserted the head against her opening! She pushed as John pushed and the head went back into her!

“Oh YES!!” Misty moaned out as Thomas pushed more and more of his big cock into her cunt!

He slowly began to pump in and out of her as she lifted her ass and met his thrust with her own. They both knew this fuck was going to be hard, fast and very, very good. He was deep inside her now, ramming into her with all of his hardness. She humped and humped her cunt on his meat and they both moaned and moaned as they fucked. Thomas put his arms under her thighs and lifted them up and put her knees over her head. He than began fucking down into her body like a piston. He was ramming her body with all the energy he had left inside him. She was moaning and moaning as he fucked her so hard it was pushing the air out of her each time he pumped down into her. He was close and she knew it! She was working the walls of her pussy as tight as she could get them, trying to hold his big cock deep inside her.

This was making him even more sensitive as he slid his cock along the walls of her tightening pussy! She could feel his cock thicken even more now and she knew he was going to cum!

She told him, “Oh yes baby. Cum inside me Thomas. Fill me baby. I want all of your cum baby. Fuck me faster and cum for me. Cum for Misty. Cum for me baby!”

She held her tits together and squeezed then showing him her hard long nipples as he worked in and out of her. She knew he loved her nipples almost as much as he loved her pussy!

He was seconds away from shooting the biggest load of cum in his life! Her cunt was so soft and so tight as she squeezed her muscles as hard a she could! This was all he could take! He cried out and began to cum! Oh god it felt so fucking good! He almost yelled with each shot of cum that he pumped into her beautiful dark body! Again and again his cock pumped shots of warm thick cum into her lovely body. Misty moaned as she felt him fill her pussy completely and then felt it running slowly down her pussy and into the crack of her ass. She held on to him as he finished her off with a huge hard thrust. Burying his cock as deep as he could push it into her sweet pussy. They stayed like that for a long, long time.

Her legs and arms wrapped tightly around his body and Thomas holding her head up in his hands kissing her.

She pulled her lips off of his and held his face as she looked in his eyes saying, “Oh Thomas baby. Oh yes. I love you. I love you so much!”

He kissed her and told her he loved her too!

After about ten minutes he felt his flat cock slip out of her pussy. He was done now and so was she. As they lay on their sides kissing and touching softly and gently, Thomas felt this was the best time to ask Misty something!

He said, “Misty. When we get back to the city, I want you to move in with me. I want you with me all the time! What do you think about that idea?”

Misty’s smile was huge and she kissed him and told him: “Oh yes. Oh GOD yes Thomas I would love to live with you. I love you baby. I love you so much”

As she talked telling him how bad she wanted to live with him and how much she loved him, Thomas could feel his cock starting to slowly grow again! It wasn’t just lust or passion this time making his cock big again! It was also love, love for a dark skin woman he had always wanted in his life. He would worship her and make love to her every night and day!

He would suck her pussy and make sure he pleased her so she would never want any one else. And, if they were happy in 6 months he would ask her to marry him! She began to feel his cock growing between them!

She smiled and said: “Baby is that your cock I feel growing up my body. OH I hope so. I want to ride it until I scream with a huge orgasm!”

They rolled over and she straddled his hips She sat up on him and he put his hands under his head and watched his beautiful dark skin woman begin to ride his cock and fuck him again!

As she rode up and down on his full-grown cock, she smiled and said, “Every night baby, every fucking night we’re going to do this!’

He moaned as he watched her bouncing up and down like a machine on his hard cock! Moaning and throwing her head back, Thomas watched her go crazy on his hard cock as she climaxed! He knew he had died and gone to heaven as he heard her cry out and climax.

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