Our 17 year old daughter

Author: Tim

I came into the kitchen dressed in my usual way, pj bottoms , with no top. My 17 year old daughter was sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal. As I walked by, I patted her head and bent over and kissed the top of it. I poured a cup of coffee she had made for me, turned around, shot the breeze for a minute before I left and went into the other room to watch tv. Sunday was the same thing. Nothing new, everything normal as could be.
Monday evening, after my wife and I went to bed, she said that we need to talk. And, that it was serious and something she had thought about all day. That got my attention, so rather than roll over and go to sleep ,I sat up and said to go ahead.
My wife always wears see through teddies. Always! So, I stared at her tits as she cleared her throat to begin. Honey, when Robin, our daughter, came home from school today, we had a little talk. Red in the face and embarrassed as hell, she said she was looking at your cock through your pj bottoms this weekend. And, she said how lucky I am. Me, her mom.
Honey, before you say anything else, I promise you I didn’t do anything. I didn’t grab myself, I didn’t have a hard on. It was just a normal weekend morning. Honestly!
My wife said she new that. She didn’t accuse you of a single thing. I know you wouldn’t. But, have you noticed how physically mature she’s become. I replied; a little, but not in a weird way or anything. Just that she’s growing up to be a beauty.
Well I’ve been thinking about her all day my wife said. It’s very embarrassing, peverted, and bad. She said she has always had a fantasy, she’s never told me about. She’s always wanted to watch me fuck another woman, while she’s in the same room guiding or suggesting what we do. She never told me or brought it up because she realized how jealous she’d be. And, she didn’t know anyone anyway.
But, what about Robin? We both love her, I wouldn’t be jealous, she’s young and sexy, and she’s probably only going to be here with us another year or so before she moves out. Would you like that honey? You get to fuck your daughter, with my permission, fulfill my fantasy all at the same time. Anyway, think about it a day or two and we’ll revisit it.
We both decided to approach Robin, Saturday morning, after much discussion all week. Saturday morning, we walked into the kitchen, poured ourselves some coffee and sat down on either side of her at the kitchen table. I got chosen to be the one to do the talking somehow. I don’t think I’ve ever been that nervous.
Robin, your mom and I have something to talk with you about. We’ve fought over it,gotten sick and repulsed by it, and finally decided to get it out in the open and let you decide. It began when your mom told me about you looking at my dick. Robins face turned beet red, she almost started to cry . She screamed at my wife and said how could she. She looked at me and started to apologize. I held up my hand as a signal for her to stop. She didn’t do anything wrong. In fact honey, what I’m going to say now is much harder , kinda humiliating, peverted, and weird.
As I said : we’ve fought, cried, got sick, and really turned on. Keep in mind that the decision will be yours to make. We only ask that you hear everything we have to say before you say anything. Your parents could really get into big trouble if you told anyone. And, we mean anyone. So please keep this on the down low.
When you told mom about my dick, she brought up a lifetime sexual fantasy she’s kept secret all these years. She’s always wanted to watch and control me having sex with another woman. But, she could never get over the jealousy gene enough to bring it up and to try it. But, me fucking you in front of her, turns her on and there is no jealousy involved, only love for both of us.
She wants to grab my cock and put it in your mouth. She wants to grab it as I’m cumming and shoot it all over your face and tits. She wants to guide my cock into your pussy. She wants to hold on to the base of my dick as I’m fucking your pussy. She wants to lube your asshole and my dick and shove it up your ass. She wants me to pull out as I’m cumming and let it dribble down your crack. She wants to use her dildos on herself and finger both holes while she watches.
Well, that’s it. That’s enough don’t you think. It’s a lot to think about. You can ask any questions you might have. This is the most embarrassing thing we’ve ever done . Let alone bring it up to you. But, it’s a great turn on too.
I stood up. My erections was full blown under my pj bottoms, with a nice ring of wet cum circling the head of my dick. Honey, look at your mom’s nipples. They’re as hard as my dick. Are your panties soaked too, babe? My wife replied that they were past wet, she got so tuned on.
Robin looked at us both, got up and walked away to her bedroom. She said she would answer us after she had time to absorb and think through all of this.
My wife and I had to get off right then,regardless of the decision from Robin. My wife barely touched her clit, when she screamed, rocked and came. I tugged my pants down, stroked my cock and came the biggest cumload I’ve had in years.
Sexually relieved, went into the den and anxiously awaited Robins decision. Two long hours later, she walked into the den without any clothes on.
The first few weeks, we were like bunny rabbits. But a weekend routine became a truer measure of our lives . We don’t even bother with clothes on the weekends anymore.

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