My Disabled Brother

Author: RE

My youngest brother is 4 years younger than me and he’s severely autistic. To not make the story long, growing up we would stay home alone while our parents went to work. One day that we were home alone I was feeling really horny so I went to my computer and began watching girl on girl porn. 3 minutes into me pleasuring myself, my brother walks in on me and I freaked out. But I then got this wild idea that I was willing to do. So I closed the door from my room with my brother being there and I continued fingering myself but in front of my brother. He didn’t care much of me being naked in front of him with my hairbrush up my vagina. Doing that really aroused me even more and wanted to do more. So I walked up to him , reached under his shorts and began jacking him off. I eventually took his shorts and boxers down and was rubbing my vagina against his kinda soft penis.

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