Me and Lori… sister

Author: Mark

My sister Lori who is 16 and i (15) have always been very close,but recently we became much closer. Lori is blonde with a great ass,nice tits and a beautiful shaved pussy,I have seen her naked quite often and she had seen me naked as well,we liked to tease each other. Our parents were gone and we were home alone for the weekend,I was watching porn when Lori came in and and starting watching with me. Anal sex was occurring on the screen and Lori remarked that she would like to try that,I responded so would I and next thing I knew we were naked and I was ready to take my sister’s anal cherry. My sister started sucking my cock and I started lubing her awesome ass ,I inserted first one and then two fingers in her ass and she was went crazy telling me to put my 8 inch dick in her ass in place of my fingers. I took it easy at first and then started pounding her ass pretty hard she was screaming and yelling and just couldn’t get enough came in her ass filling her up with a load of my cum and she came also …..twice,I think Lori enjoyed her first anal sex.

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