Author: Tugboat

Mummy calls out goodbye as she goes out to the supermarket.
I listen to the black door slam and think
‘Yippee. I’m alone!’
I’m sitting in my favourite place on the stairs, with that shaft of sunlight that I think of as JUST MINE cos I can sit with my legs open and pull my panties to one side and let the sunbeam shine on Lucie (that’s my name I gave my pussy)
I like to look down into her as I masturbate and make her wet, so the sunbeam joins in and makes her glisten – sometimes like scattering GOLD dust in her. Sometimes I open her hole up with my fingers and imagine the sunbeam’s fucking me!
OH NO, Help!!
I hear a warning creak on the bottom landing – Daddy must still be here
and he’s coming upstairs!
S H I T !!
I let go my panties and straighten my skirt JUST as he comes into view.
I couldn’t see him, but could he have seen me? seen Lucie?
seen me fizzing and Sun-fucking? Did I cover Lucie fast enough?
Do I look cool?
Please God, don’t let it be that Daddy saw me, he’ll never forgive me
and even worse he’ll tell Mummy!
But Daddy doesn’t say ‘Just what do you think you’re doing young lady’
or anything like that, he just sits down on the stairs a couple of treads
down from me.
“Hello Daddy, I thought you’d gone to Sainsbury’s with Mummy”
I think I manage to sound like normal!
“No Millie my love, not today, Mummy has an appointment with
the optician so I stayed here”
“With me”
“With you my angel”
I don’t think he CAN have seen me or he wouldn’t be doing this,
saying this like this, Phew!
And thankyou GOD!
Daddy says
“So you like sitting on the stairs too – it’s sort of between worlds isn’t it?”
“Yeah. And I really like this little beam of sunlight, too . . . .”
The sunbeam’s shining on my teeshirt, giving my baby boobs bigger shadows than they deserve! I catch Daddy looking at them he doesn’t see me see him looking; he looks and looks away and looks again, furtively, like that!
“Did you sit on stairs when you were my age Daddy? I always
think I’m somewhere else when I’m on the stairs”
“That’s right, yes I used to feel like that too, like a safe
place to dream”
I wonder if he jerked-off when he was a boy sitting on the stairs? I do wish I could ask Daddy things like that.
“You & me, we’re very alike aren’t we Daddy?”
“Well, I can think of several areas where we’re quite different!
But joking aside, yes I think emotionally we’re side-by-side . . . .”
There’s a long pause like he’s thinking, he gives another quick look at my nipple-shadows (playing with my clit just now got them standing up like really well and Daddy’s fixation on them is making them rise again, so they’re making their presence very evident) I don’t mean to be vain, but I’m really proud of my nipples! And when my titties grow some more they’re gonna be fantastic!
So, anyway, the sunshine’s being really kind, painting shadows on my teeshirt, saying “TOUCH ME!” and Daddy’s eyes are firmly locked onto them now, he’s not looking away at all, just fondling them with his eyes I do like it so when he looks at my body – I wish I knew what he was thinking!
With confidence building again after my fright, I carefully slowly adjust my skirt and open my legs so Daddy can see the sunbeam fingering my panties, like it’s trying to get back into Lucie! – I think he’ll like that!
“Listen, Millie . . .” Daddy says
” . . . can I tell you something while we’re in this in-between
place, while Mummy’s not here, and while we are in a
Mutually receptive mood.?”
“Is it a secret Daddy?”
“I suppose it is, yes it is, yes definitely a BIG secret – one
between just you & me”
“Ooooh yes, I like just you & me; tell me Daddy!”
I open and close my legs in pretend excitement so my skirt runs up my thighs and Daddy’s attention is drawn towards Lucie. GREAT – he’s looking!
“Only as long as you don’t mind having secrets from Mummy.
Mummy must never know what I’m going to tell you”
“Daddy, I have lots of secrets from Mummy already!”
“I understand, Millie – and so do I . . . . “ Daddy pauses as he stares at the little wet patch that’s appeared on my panties
“ . . . . .well, I think you’re growing into a very beautiful girl you know”
YES! He’s staring at the gold sunlight on my panties like he’s trying to see through the cotton!
“Thank you Daddy Darling!”
“And you’re VERY special to me. I want you to know that, VERY special!”
I shift my position and push myself forward on the stair tread to widen his view and to pull my panties tightly into my slit. Daddy gulps – he’s excited!
“But here’s what I want to say: when I tell you you’re
wearing your skirt too short and not to show your panties,
I’m really only saying that for Mummy to hear”
“Do you mean you don’t mean it Daddy?”
This is a revelation! Daddy’s ALWAYS telling me not to show my panties,
and here he is now, he cant get enough of me!
“Yes my love, that’s exactly what I mean, you see, Mummy
thinks its my job to make you aware of how you OUGHT
to desport yourself”
Daddy’s eyes are like on a see-saw, like first looking up at at my nipples and then down to my Lucie (I don’t think he knows Lucie’s name – I wonder what he calls her in his head – cunt? no I don’t think so – vagina? definitely not!)
“So if it was up to you, me having a mini-mini skirt’s
not a problem?”
“For me, the more mini your mini is the more I like it my love”
“And you must like looking at my panties then, cos they
would show much more often wouldn’t they?”
“Millie, I promise you, I can’t EVER get enough of your
panties! And I LOVE the way you don’t care about showing
them, I treasure every moment I’m blessed with the sight of
them . . . . . . . I would even BUY you special panties just to
show off to me!”
“Oh Daddy I can’t tell you how happy that makes me”
I open my legs really wide, Daddy’s eyes are loving the view.
“I’ve been trying & trying to make you want to look at me
& wondering & wondering why you don’t; I was even beginning
to think you didn’t love me!”
“Oh my poor, sweet tantalizing angel! If only you knew how I
love and treasure every little square inch of you”
“Centimeters Daddy . . . . I like our secret, Daddy. So now can
you always LOOK at my panties? Properly, like you’re looking
NOW, like you can see through them, see my pussy?”
I take a big risk and run my finger lightly over my slit, as if to say ‘you can touch me here if you like’
“Oh, you darling girl, yes! I love you and I love UNDRESSING
you with my eyes!”
“Oh, I like that! So you DO love me! Oh Daddy that’s great!
So now when you say ‘close your legs when you sit like
that, Millie – people don’t want to see your knickers’ then
I know you really want more, like you want to see my pussy!”
“Now you’re teasing me, but remember, it’s our secret! And if
mummy knew, it would have to stop and remember Mummy
is VERY good at sensing what’s going on”
“Well I’ve got a secret too Daddy! Do you know you almost
caught me mastibitating just now! What would you have
said then if you had seen me me doing that?”
“Oh I wish, I wish – that would’ve been something wouldn’t it?
– would you have liked me to have seen you playing with
yourself? I would have LOVED that!”
“I’d LOVED it if you wanted to watch
(and didn’t tell me off, of course)!”
“I’ll tell you what, my princess: even if I had seen you
doing it when Mummy had been downstairs, I’d have
put my finger to my lips – sssssh – and whispered “don’t
stop – can I stay and watch?”
“Would like to watch NOW Daddy?”
“More than anything, my love – would you do that for me?”
“For US Daddy, I’m gonna enjoy doing it for you AND me both”
I’m S0 excited! I lift my bottom up in the air
“Pull my panties down Daddy YEAH! Now you can see all of me!
I’ll open my pussy for you, look Daddy, I tickle my button.
Mmmmm, I like doing this – if I didn’t have a hole I’d be
quite happy with just my button”
“But Daddy’s girl DOES have a hole, a beautiful hole!”
You reach forward and touch Lucie’s pinkness!!!!!!!
“Oooooh, daddy that’s nice, hehehehe! See how the sunshine
lights me up and wants you to push your finger in? Follow
the light Daddy, o o o o h daddy, daddy, darling d a d d e e e e e e!”
Suddenly, just as Daddy’s finger slides into Lucie
Read part 2 soon!

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