Lucy the swimming instructor

I had finaly decided it was time to get rid of the belly and be a bit more fitter in genral.Our local pool offers a discount for local residents which makes swimming a lot cheaper.Beause of my shifts I tend to do more night shifts so have more daytime to myself.
I’ve always enjoyed swimming so started going to the pool around lunch time. One of the lifeguards there doubles up as a swim instructor of rmy daughters class after school. He rname is Lucy she has a youn c***d I would describe her as about 5ft 7 tall nice curvey things and a sweet tight little ass on her and small boobs.
During one of my lunchtime swims she stopped to speak to me and informed that my strokes were all wrong and instructed me on the correct way to do them saying I would feel the improvement in my swimming.For her life guard role she wears a small pair of red shorts that show off her legs and ass. So as I swam up and down I could always get a view of her figure from the pool.She must have finished her shift as when I sweam bak down she had gone from the pool. I decided that I had done enough for today so got out quick shower and just chucked on a pair of jog bottoms and t shirt as I was going to have a shower at home living around the corner.
I walked out of the pool and along the road towards my house I noticed a car pakred outside that wasnt one of our neighbors it had a flat tyre as I got close to it I saw it to be Lucy the instructorI said hello have you got a problem. She explained that her tyre was flat and she didnt have a spare on the car.She had tried to ring her partner but he was out of town with work.I said to not worry and I will help her to get sorted and take her to the local tyre place to get it sorted out.I soon had her car jacked up and tyre off I grabed my car key and opened up my car then went to heave her tyre in to the car as I did so my bottoms started to slip down. I thought I could get the tyre in the car before they came down to far but gravity wasnt on my side today and they were soon hanging 3/4 of the way over my bum.Lucy saw this and offered to help she helped by pulling them back up and in doing so brushed her hand accidently over my cock.
I pretended not to notice and we went to the tyre place and had her tyre sorted but when she went to pay her card was declined insufficent funds. I told her to not worry and paid for her she she was truly gratefull and couldnt stop saying thank you.Back outside my place and tyre onI sad I need to wash my hands now. I asked her if she had had any lunch yet she said noo and that she had to be back at work in less then an hour.I offered her to come in to my house ahd have lunch with me.I said you wont have time now to get to where you were going. So she agreed to come in.She grabbed her bag out of her car and came in I told her to make herself comfy in the front room I just needed a quick shower. We have a downstairs bathroom so I nipped in there for a shower as I came out to go upstairs I noticed her bag and couldnt resist a peek inside. My heart was pounding as I quietly unzipped it andinside I found a pair of her panties that she had worn I couldnt stop myself from picking them up and as I inhaled her aroma the front room dor opened ‘What are you doing ‘ she asked me stood there with her panties in hand I wanted th ground to swallow me up.Why have you got my panties she asked. Your a filthy little pervert arent you she said. Again I couldnt say a thing.I’m stood there towel around me panties in hand.She walks towards me and makes a grab towards my cock and balls under the towel she has a angry look on her face and she reaches out to grab me but instead she yanks the towel down and whack her other hand stings my ass.Pervert she yells at me as I stand there naked still her panties in one hand whack again on my ass. How dare you take my panties she yells.Sorry I mumble. Look at you she says all fat and flabby can you not get it up is that why you steal panties. Shall I tell your wife later when she takes your daughter swimming. Sorry I mumble again. Please dont say anything to her I ask.I’ll do anything I say. I say you dont have to pay me back for your tyre. Dam right I’m not paying you back but I’m afraid that isnt enough she says.I’ll do anything please I beg to her. Carry on and clean those panties she says. I start to lick them as I do so my cock gets hard . Little pervert likes that doses he she said to me.Can you taste my pussy in them. I nod. What elses can you taste. I lick and sniff more pee I replied your pee dribbles. I look at her and notice her nipples pointing out from her top.I hand her her panties back the gusset clean from my licking of them. She asked me what did I enjoy about them I siad its the smell of pee in panties mixed with her sweat that I enjoyed.
You like pee do you Yes I reply.Good she says I have to pee and you are going to clean me when I have pee’d.Get back in that bath now she orders me I’m going to use you if you dont do as I say I will tell your wife.

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