The hostel

Author: mandy

Steve was fed up he was the night porter at the youth hostel, he hated working on his own and hated working at night, at 16 he should not be working at night but the owners of the hostel broke all laws. Steve got up to do his rounds adjusting the bulge in his trousers the 4 Viagra he had taken earlier were working well, Steve had taken them expecting to be in the gay night club but had been called into work which was another reason he was fed up. Steve got to the top floor where some lads were having a party he knew some of the local lads were there, as he walked down the corridor a door opened and Steve saw 22 year old Mark from a racist and homophobic family appear, Mark was well drunk and totally naked which pleased Steve not only was Mark naked he had a full erection of about 4 inches, Mark staggered down the corridor falling all over the place as he did and fell against Steve, Steve steadied Mark feeling his dick as he did noticing it was solid, Mark grunted and staggered off into the toilet. Steve waited a minute then went in the toilet, Mark was leaning on a wall Steve went over held Mark’s dick and started to stroke it Mark grunted just stood there Steve carried on and after a couple of minutes felt Mark dick twitch, Steve rubbed Marks bum then left, he saw Mark staggering back to his room, Steve was about to leave the floor when he saw Mark’s 27 year brother Paul come out the room Steve smiled broadly when he saw Paul was naked with an erection that was at least 9 inches ,Paul was also drunk staggering and falling all over he went in the toilet, Mark waited then went in, Paul was slumped over the sink, Mark rubbed his bum got no response got no reaction stood back undid his jeans letting his 7 inch hard dick spring out went behind Paul and pushed his dick right up paul and started to pound away stroking Pauls dick as he did Mark looked in the mirror and saw Paul shoot his load before shooting his own up Pauls tight bum, Mark pulled out wiped his dick and left, Mark checked all the other floors then returned to the top floor he checked the toilet and saw a limp Steve being fucked by a Bengali boy Steve gave the boy the thumbs up and left Steve looked into the room and saw Paul being throat fucked by a Bengali boy while another fucked his bum another white boy who Mark never knew was slumped on the bed being stroked by another Bengali boy. Mark returned to reception where a few hours later Paul and Steve left the hostel both giving Mark a filthy look.

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