Straight or not

Author: mandy

Mark was walking through the derelict factory on the edge of town, he had heard of the big gang fight and knew things would be quiet tonight. Mark got to the top floor and stopped when he saw Steve, At 16 Steve was 2 years older than Mark and often gave Mark aggro and had beaten him up a couple of time because of Mark being gay and now Steve was standing naked in a derelict factory with Mark staring at him with his mouth wide open and a growing bulge in his tracksuit trousers. Mark’s eyes were fixed on Steve’s 6 inch soft dick that had a nice black bush at the top. Mark saw Steve’s dick start to move and watched as it thickened then stretch out before growing into a 8 inch erection with Steve making no attempt to hide it, Mark continued to look and saw Steve’s dick twitch and bob a few times. Steve started to stroke his dick, Mark could hardly believe he was watching a naked homophobic thug wanking off, after a few minutes Steve squirted cum in 3 long spurts, Mark carried on watching as Steve wiped his dick before dressing and walking past him and out of the building with out saying a word. Mark went to the window saw Steve talking to
Billy another homophobic thug who was 17 and the boyfriend of Steve’s sister. Mark saw Billy give Steve a couple of pills which Steve swallowed. Mark saw both boys look up at the windows they spoke to each other then Steve stripped naked his dick was solid, he watched as Billy stripped naked both boys looked up at the windows again then walked towards the building, after a minute both boys appeared on the top floor, Mark looked at Billy’s 7 inch dick and watched it grow to a full 9 inch erection, Steve pulled Mark’s tracksuit trousers down freeing his 6inch erection which he started to suck, Mark thought he was dreaming but was enjoying himself and when he exploded Steve swallowed the lot and licked his dick clean before standing up. Billy gave Mark a tablet which Mark knew was Viagra which he swallowed before bucking up the courage and took hold of Steve’s dick.

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