Feelings for me to feel

Author: Israel Wiggins

This is about a good friend of mine… Best time I had in a long time. I was in Mississippi and I was just trying to find someone to help me with the feelings that I wanted to feel. I started talking to a man about my age that was sitting next to me. Alex was his name and the conversation with him got going the way I was wanting it to go. After a little while he moved to the seat by me and I got a closer look at the dark man who was going to make my dreams come true. I told him about the thoughts I’ve been thinking of and he said he would like to help me out with my situation. Then he told me that he has a room¬† and I can join him in his room. He said he was through playing now and was ready when I was.
I got up quickly and followed him to heaven in room 513. Inside the room I saw that Alex had been playing around with toys that I have always wanted to try. Sitting on the couch and he said that I can get ready if I needed to. I stood up and took off my shirt and undone my jeans and got on the bed. He was laying next to me and I looked at him and we kissed. I had never experienced that before. But I kept kissing him and I liked it so much. Our hands rubbing on each other and playing with the other ones cock. He was kissing down my body and took me into his mouth and sucked my cock better than any woman has ever done. Then I got my chance to suck my first real cock. He said I was good at sucking cock. Next I let him fuck my ass hole and it hurt at first but then after a few minutes I was enjoying myself very much. I got my cock in his ass and fucked his ass until I cumed inside. We stayed in bed in his room all night long. I stayed with him all weekend enjoying the moment sucking and fucking together and I loved it.

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