curiosity gets the best

Author: dreamsagain

I am a straight male that has been bi curious all my life. I have had a very active heterosexual life and absolutely love women and have had sex with over forty women and have experienced almost everything you can with a woman, but since I was a teenager I have always wondered and fantasized on occasion about having sex with a man. It started when I was about fourteen and I had caught my sisters boyfriend jacking off in our pool house. We had all been swimming most of the day and by the end of the afternoon it was just me and my older sister and her boyfriend hanging out, my sister was and still is very beautiful with a almost perfect body and I noticed her boyfriend trying to get sexual with her all day and even though it was my sister I don’t blame him she always wore a tiny bikini and was always flaunting her tits and ass and I know she liked the attention and as bad as it sounds I masturbated many times after a day at the pool with my sister and her friends in their bikinis. On this particular day the three of us were still just swimming and messing around in the pool when her boyfriend had got out and went into the pool house and me and my sister were talking and laughing, after about fifteen minutes or so she asked me to go see where he was because he had not come back out yet. I toweled off and went into the pool house and called his name as I walked around to the guest room and opened the door to see him laying on the bed completely naked, I noticed his swim trunks on the floor as I stood there shocked he laid there jerking his dick really fast and hard, Several things ran through my mind like I was glad that I wasn’t the only one who masturbated like this and also I could not believe how large his dick was and I hope he did not see me watching him. I felt a rush through my body and my dick got hard immediately and he did not even stop so I knew he did not see me so I stepped back a little and watched him rock back and forth on the bed while he jerked his dick really fast and hard and after about a minute he straightened his body out and shot a big spurt of cum all over his stomach and chest, I was so hard and horny and did not know what to do because I had a huge hard on that was showing through my swim trunks and I was shaking really bad. I walked back and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me and went outside and told my sister he was on his way back out. After a few minutes he came out and I was still shaking not knowing if he knew what I had seen, but we continued our afternoon like nothing had happened and the only thing that ever came from that day was my desire to watch another man masturbate and my fantasy of playing around with a man.
Fast forward fifteen years and my fantasies were still there but I have never acted on them until last month. I had been going to the same deli for about two years several times a week for lunch when I noticed a hand written phone number on my receipt one day. As I thought about it there was a young guy that had been working there for several months that always seemed to help me and was very talkative. I had never found myself attracted to men but had only fantasized about sexual encounters, but at that moment I started feeling that if this guy was attracted to me I could actually make my fantasies reality. That night when I got home I took all my clothes off and laid on my bed nervously thinking about this guy and what I would do to him if I could, I grabbed my lube out of my night stand and stroked my dick for a half hour while my fantasies of sucking this guys dick and watching him masturbate and for the first time ever I thought about kissing a guy.
Several days went by and I kept looking at this receipt and had not gone back to the deli because I was to nervous to, So finally one evening the fantasies started up again so I decided to call the number and as the phone rang I could feel the rush go through my body and my dick started to swell. Finally what seemed like forever I heard a voice say “hello”. I was shaking as I said hey what’s up, and he said who is this and I said I am the guy who you wrote the phone number on my receipt from the deli, he started to laugh and said he was wondering if I would ever call and had been wanting to write his number on my receipt for months. We laughed and joked for a few minutes until we both felt a little comfortable and he asked me if I was gay, I told him that I was straight with long time bisexual fantasies and he told me that he had been bisexual since high school and had in the past both boyfriends and girlfriends. I was very turned on during our conversation with the thoughts of having some sexual encounter with him, I pulled my dick out and masturbated the whole time we spoke. We agreed to meet the following evening at a coffee shop down the street, I was so nervous the next day and all I could think about was what was going to happen. I got there early so that I could relax and feel comfortable and after about thirty minutes I noticed him walk in, he looked very different than he did in the deli, he had tight jeans on with boots and a v neck t shirt with a suit type jacket and he had grown a short cut beard since the last time I had seen him and his hair was nicely combed and gelled, I have a similar look and was very confident on how I looked that night, when he walked up and shook my hand and gave me a slight shoulder hug he said you look just like I have dreamed about. I felt slightly embarrassed and turned on at the same time. We talked for several hours and actually had many things in common and similar likes and background, I would feel a little weird at times during our conversation as it would sometimes be about gay subjects. but I must admit that I had never had such strong gay feelings and was attracted to this guy more and more every minute. I was trying to get a hold of my mind during this conversation as my desires to see him naked were getting stronger and the thoughts of kissing a man for the first time spun through my head. I finally got the nerve to ask him if he wanted to come to my place for a drink and he replied with “I have been hoping you would ask me that for several months now”. I was embarrassed and totally turned on at the same time because I knew that this was going to be the day that my gay fantasies were finally going to happen and this guy was probably the perfect fit for me. As he stood up from the table I was still sitting and I was eye level to his crotch and noticed this huge bulge through his tight jeans and I was pretty sure he had a semi hard on like me, he noticed me look and then he just smiled and said that he loves when a plan comes together.
The walk back to my place was full of conversation, but I was shaking so bad I thought that I was going to have a breakdown, As we got to my place and we both had some wine we both began to relax, when he finally asked me if I would tell him about the bisexual fantasies that I had mentioned on the phone so I told him about the pool house incident and that ever since that day I had wanted to experience a guy, he then asked if he could be that guy. I told him that ever since he walked into the coffee house that I could not stop thinking about seeing him naked and kissing him, he said that he figured that when he caught me looking at his dick at the coffee shop and that ever since he had seen me at the deli months ago he fantasized about having sex with me. I could honestly say that I had never been that horny or turned on in my life. We were both sitting on the couch and he leaned over and started to kiss me and I opened my mouth as our tongues wrapped around each other, it was very different than all the women that I had kissed but was very nice at the same time, we both grabbed the back of each others heads and kissed for a very long time as my dick never felt so hard against my jeans. I finally pulled back and started to kiss his neck and chest through his v neck shirt as I slid on top of him I could feel him shake as he slowly and quietly moaned which turned me on even more, I felt a little unsure because I am used to being the dominate one but this being my first time I did not know if I should let him take over, but as I kept kissing his neck and chest I felt him just relax and lay back so I just let all my fantasies kick in. After several minutes of this kissing I slid to my knees as he lay back on the couch with his eyes closed and I got positioned between his legs and rubbed his dick through his jeans, all the time we were kissing I could feel it against me and knew that it was probably huge, as I started to undo his jeans he opened his eyes and said that he is so glad that he could make my fantasies come true, I said that hopefully I could help him with a few also. As I undid his jeans and slowly pried his dick out of his tight jeans I noticed that he was completely shaved which turned me on, I had done a lot of manscaping but never went completely shaved. As his dick popped out I could not believe how unique looking it was it was about eight inches long with a very small base at his body but by the time it reached the head it was very thick and his balls were very small and sucked up into his body, it was a very sexy dick because it did not look like any other I had seen and he must have shaved just hours before because I could only feel soft skin all over, I looked up at him and he asked if I was alright because I was shaking so bad and I told him that it was just so horny and nervous at the same time, we laughed and he said just do what you have done in all those fantasies and I told him to lay back and I will. I stroked his dick for a few minutes while I kissed and licked his tiny smooth balls and then I just went for it and put the head of his dick in my mouth and like I said it was huge and filled my mouth, I was very excited and could tell he was also especially by how hard his dick was and his low moans, I grabbed the base of his dick which I could fit my hand around and cupped his smooth balls as I tried to slide as much of his dick down my mouth and throat as I could, it felt like I knew what I was doing and had done this before, I guess from all the fantasies and having my dick sucked so many times. as I got into a rhythm he relaxed more and grabbed the back of my head and forced me down a little harder on his dick and for the first time I felt like I was being dominated a little and another rush came through my body of ecstasy, with each thrust I could feel more and more of his dick in my mouth, suddenly he leaned up and grabbed my head and pulled his dick out of my mouth and leaned toward me and started kissing me so hard with his tongue going to the back of my mouth, he finally stopped and said that he was about to cum but did not want to yet because he was planning on fucking me, just then I got really nervous and turned on at the same time in all my gay fantasies I had they were mostly me sucking and getting sucked by a guy but never really fucking. He then stood up with his dick bouncing off my face and swinging straight out he stepped out of his jeans and took his shirt off and said that it was my turn and could we go in the bedroom. As we walked to the bedroom I was shaking with excitement and had never been turned on by the sight of another dudes ass but as I followed him staring at his ass I wanted to rub it so bad. When we got in the room he sat on the edge of the bed and asked if this is what I had hoped for and I told him this was the most turned on I had ever been, he then stood up and aggressively started kissing me again while unbuttoning my shirt as he pressed his dick against me he grabbed my ass with both hands while kissing my chest and then he reached around and undid my pants and pulled them off with my underwear at the same time as my dick flopped out I swear it was the biggest I had ever seen it and was swollen and aching bad. He laughed and said damn that is bigger than I thought, I laughed and told him that most of the women I had been with said similar things. I then grabbed him and started kissing him again because I did not realize how much I was going to enjoy kissing another man, I reached down and grabbed his ass with both hands and pressed both our dicks into each others body as we kissed deeply, after a few minutes he pushed me onto the bed and said to lay back, he then grabbed my dick and balls and started to lick up and down the shaft for several minutes it was a long tease as I just wanted to fill the warmth of his mouth and then he finally looked up at me and plunged almost the whole thing in his mouth at once, I thought I was going to cum and so I started pulling back as he deep throated me, like I said I have been with a good amount of women and never had that much of my dick down any of their throats, so I did not want to cum so as I pulled back I said holy fuck bro and at that moment it was like holy shit I have a dude sucking my dick and it was fucking great! He then pressed his face all the way down on my dick to where only about a half inch was showing and he slowly pulled it out of his mouth until just the head was touching his lips, I was fighting back shooting my load so bad that I was jerking around so bad he started laughing, he said you must have liked that and I told him that I had never been sucked like that before. He then replied that I was about to get fucked like I never had been fucked before, I laughed as he said where is your lube, I pointed to my nightstand and he reached over and opened it up and said damn bro you got some toys, I have many dildos and vibrators as well as male masturbators and lots of lube and gels, he reached for a tube of KY jelly and I got nervous and said that I didn’t think he could fuck me but that I wanted to suck his dick until he came, He smiled as he leaned on me and pressed me against the bed and said he came over here to fuck me and that he guarantees that I will enjoy it, once again I felt like he was dominating me and a sudden rush of ecstasy came over me and the thought of him fucking me was all I could think of. He smiled as I sunk into the bed and he started kissing me softly I heard him open the KY and then I felt the cold gel squirt on my shaft as reached down and lubed my dick up and down, he then grabbed my knees and pulled them back and positioned his dick on mine and I reached down and spread the lube on both of our dicks while he thrusted slowly I held our dicks together with both hands he then squirted more gel all over as he then pressed up against me kissing me, I felt dominated and was loving the feeling of him taking over as I felt more relaxed I began to raise my knees as his tongue plunged my mouth I let go of our dicks and grabbed both of my knees and pulled them towards my chest as to let him know I was going to let him fuck me, he slowly started kissing my neck and chest as he slid down my body , I felt him rubbing his own dick and pulling some lube off of mine, I then felt the head of his cock gently swirl across my man hole it felt very wet and slippery and I really wanted him inside me by this time and he was being very gentle so I pulled my legs back once again and reach for his soft ass and pressed it against me and at that moment I felt the whole head pop in as he was making small little pushes I kept pulling his ass towards me and rubbing his smooth ass with the gel that was all over my hands as I felt his dick make one big slide into my body I thought I was going to come all over myself, I was thinking how there was no pain only pleasure after several thrusts he positioned himself just like I would when fucking a girl and he went to town pounding my ass, again I felt so dominated and pure physical pleasure that I did not know how to act as I let out loud moans, He said I have been thinking about fucking you like this for months now and he asked will you fuck me and I replied that I wanted to fuck him so bad but that I wanted to feel his cum shoot inside me first and he said oh fuck bro you are the hottest guy that I have ever fucked and want to fuck you for an hour as he slowed his strokes down to almost nothing I began begging him to keep fucking my ass and then he pushed his dick all the way inside me and put all his weight on me I could feel his balls entering me as he pulled back with two quick strokes and shot his cum inside me and he let out a loud moan as I pressed his ass into my body, He was shaking and moaning as I kept him pressed against me I could feel his dick shriveling inside me and I was not ready for this to be over as he leaned down and started kissing me he pulled his limp dick out and pushed my legs down and started to maneuver himself on top of me again I was turned on by his aggressive dominance he leaned up and was straddling me as he reached over and grabbed the KY and said are you ready to fuck me now and I said that I could not wait to fuck him, he then squirted the cold lube all over my dick and slid it up and down he then leaned way forward while straddling me putting his limp dick in my face as he reached back and maneuvered my lubed up dick into his ass it slid in very easy as he began riding it up and down I grabbed his hips like he was one of the women I had fucked so many times and as I fucked my first dude I thought that I might be doing this a lot more because I had never been that excited as I looked down and his dick had grown very hard again and was bouncing up and down and started to slap my stomach so I reached down and started stroking it and I could feel my orgasm coming just as his dick started jerking in my hand he started moaning loud again and that was all I needed to explode as he thrust down I felt my dick explode and my cum filled his ass as I felt it drip down my balls with each stroke he made a sudden jerking motion and one last moan as his dick exploded in my hand and shot cum all over my chest and face, he looked down at my face and wiped the big load off my face with his finger and stuck it in my mouth, I was shocked at first but still turned on and realized that was my first taste of cum and wanted more so I wiped the load off my chest and put it in my mouth and I seen his face just get all turned on as my dick went limp and slid out of his ass he leaned down and licked the rest of his cum off my chest and face and then kissed me for another five minutes or so until we both were exhausted and crumpled along side each other on the bed. We slept most of the night laying against each other and in the morning joked about the night before and he wanted to know if we could do this again and I told him yes. Since this night we have became fuck buddies and I am officially Bisexual we do not have an emotional relationship because we both are more interested in women at this point, But I tell you what the sex with him is only getting better and we have brought other women and men into our sex sessions and we have had them comment on how they can tell how much we like to fuck each other.

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