Caught Stealing and f***ed to Make a Deal

I was 18 and home from college for the summer. I got a job delivering groceries for a large supermarket. I had some regular customers who wanted me to leave their deliveries in their garage when they ordered all non-perishable items, which often happened. Beer, soda, snacks were common orders.

One of these customers was Mr. ‘L.’ He was divorced, in his late 40s, average looking. He would always start conversations with me, and lately they were becoming explicit and definitely over the line. Things such as who my girlfriend was, did I prefer a girl with big tits or a big ass, etc. It didn’t bother me but I definitely noticed it.

Mr. L kept some expensive things in his garage. I saw his new basketball and I knew I wanted it. So one day when I had a garage drop off delivery, I succumbed to temptation and decided to steal it. He never was home when I delivered to his garage but on the one day I decided to steal from him, he was home.

He called my name as I was walking back to my car and he saw his new basketball in my hands. He knew I had stolen it and he was very angry at me. First he said he would call my boss and also report me to the police which put me into a total panic. So I apologized and then begged him to let me go with a warning. He refused at first but then he told me to come inside to talk about it.

There was very little talking once I went into his house. He got right to the point and told me that he would forget the whole thing but only if I gave him a blowjob. I sucked plenty of dick by then and if Mr. L was hot or even mildly attractive to me I would have accepted the deal with a smile on my face. But I had zero sexual interest in him so sucking his dick was a turnoff from the moment he mentioned it.

But I had no other choice so I did what I had to do. I got him to come in 5 minutes or less and I tried not to look at him at all except when he told me to specifically. His dick wasn’t huge – smaller than my own but my dick is 8 inches which is bigger than average. His was somewhere around 7 inches, probably less than that but at least 6 inches for sure. He said beforehand that I had to let him come all over my face and then lick up all of his jizz which I like to do but would have not done with him if he didn’t demand it. He also made me jerk myself off the whole time and told me that I had to come with his dick in my mouth. Which I did and I confess that it made this encounter hot for me – hot but in a very sleazy way.

I did it and then I left without saying a word to him. He tried to seduce me every time I delivered to his house after that day, and he even offered to pay me to blow him again but I always refused and I would get turned on by knowing I had the power to make him beg me to suck his dick. Which is how I learned that power is an important part of sex and it’s not just a physical or emotional thing.

True story. Too bad Mr. L wasn’t young and really cute with a huge dick. That would have been a treat for me for sure!!!

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