A Taste of Black Security

I have been visiting Yahoo Groups for about seven years, and over that time I have accumulated literally thousands of pictures of all kinds, and especially pictures of cocks and balls.  I probably have five thousand pictures of black cocks and balls alone, and I’m continually intrigued by the length, and especially the thickness of many of them.  My favorites are pictures of older black men in normal settings, such as standing by their car with their cock hanging out, sitting at their computer, or their cock hanging out of their pants in a motel room.  I especially like older men who are either small and skinny, or over weight, and who have big, thick cocks and low-hanging balls.  I suppose I like to see them in those settings because it somehow makes the possibility of sucking a big, black cock more realistic.  Other pictures that really turn me on are of black men in the back seat of a car, with white guys sucking them off.  The air-brushed professional pictures don’t do much for me.  I want to see a picture of a man that I might actually have a chance of sucking, and in a realistic setting.

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