Watching a girl pee

My story begins at a county fair in Montana. I was 14 at the time and had been at the fair all day just hanging around with my friends. It was getting dark out and I was making my way to the exit. I walked by a beer garden where all the adults were drinking and having a good time. Behind the garden were the rest rooms. There was a long line for the ladies and I noticed one of them towards the end of the line looked like she was in agony having to pee so bad.
She was standing with her legs crossed and her hand down on her crotch kind of bouncing up and down. She was really cute. Maybe in her early 20s and had long blonde hair down to the middle of her back. I just stopped and watched for a little bit. After a couple of minutes she walked away. Now I was really curious, so I followed her.

She walked back to where the corals were and went into one of them. I hid around a corner from her. I was maybe 15 feet away from her and could see everything quite clearly. It was lighted where she was but not around the corner where I was standing. She looked around and see no one unbuckled her blue jeans and unzipped. She pulled down her jeans and and then her pink panties. I had never seen a real girls pussy before that and I was facinated. She had a big furry patch of blonde hair on her pussy.
My cock started to twitch as I watched her squat down. She shot out a huge stream of pee. It was so hard that some pee landed on her panties. She kept on pee making a river that looked like it was going to run all the way to where I was standing. By now I had my hard cock out and was stroking it.

The lady finally finished peeing and noticed that she had peed on her panties. She pulled off her pants and took her panties off. She used her panties to wipe her pussy dry. It must have felt good because she again looked around and seeing no one she squatted down again and leaned back against a wall and began rubbing herself with her fingers. She rubbed real fast for a while then stuck her finger into her pussy. After a couple of minutes she tensed up and started shaking, clenching her hand between her legs.
She finally stopped and took her panties and wiped her pussy again and tossed them aside. She got her jeans back on and walked away. I had cum a couple times by then and didnt follow her.

I did walk into the stall and found her panties. I held them to my nose and inhaled her pussy juices and pee. My cock got hard again and I jacked off into her dirty panties. I took them with me and jacked off into them for at lease 2 years reliving the experience each time. The were almost stiff from all of the cum they collected.

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