Janices Week Away – Chapter 3

As she walked into the party, she looked around and realized that she didn’t know a soul there. There was a hosted bar, and she went up and ordered a margarita. She moved away from the bar and saw a group of people enjoying their drinks and meeting one another so she joined them.

She introduced herself and met six other people attending the conference. A few had arrived a little earlier than Janice and looked like they had gotten a head start on the free drinks. One of the ladies said that she needed a cigarette and would anyone like to join her. Janice volunteered as well as one of the guys.

They stepped outside and brought out their cigarettes. The woman was named Kathy and smoked Virginia Slim 120s Menthols. The guy introduced himself as Neil and he smoked Marlboro Reds. Janice felt very comfortable among the other smokers and they were soon making small talk, laughing, and having fun.

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