Filling Santas Shoes

It was about 4 months ago that my brother Eric had been killed in Iraq, he was Army, an IED got him. Eric had been married to Julie, They had one child together, Suzie, who was 5. Julie had two other girls when they married. Marie was now 18, just turned about 2 months ago, and Dawn, who was 20 about to hit the big 21.

They were destroyed when we lost Eric, they all loved him very much. I am Randal, still being called Randy even though I was now in my middle 40’s, 46 to be honest. But Randy still fit, except for Julie, she had always called me Rand. Julie was 37, being just a kid when Dawn was born, I was Eric’s older brother, he was just 30, had been in the Army since 18.

Since Eric had left for Iraq I had kinda filled in around his family, you know just helping out around the house with repairs and helping where I could. His loss was still very difficult, but everyone was coping.

Halloween had gone well and Thanksgiving has been a very nice time for everyone, all things considered. Not a lot of thanks being given, but they were together and relatively happy. I could see the toll it was taking on everyone for Eric to be gone.

He had met Julie at the local Wal-Mart, she and the older girls were looking at a grill and Eric took the chance and decided to help, it was a quick courtship and they were married about 6 months later. I am a musician and spends my time at their place when I was in town and not on the road.

After Eric was gone, I tried to be there to help like I said and one day Julie asked me, “Rand, can I get you to do me a BIG favor, PLEASE?” She looked at me with her big brown eyes and like always I started to melt, “Christmas is coming up and, well, Eric always used to play Santa for Suzie, would you, could you, do it this year. It won’t be long before she will know the truth and I think this year she needs it, may be the last year she believes.”

I wasn’t thrilled, but how could I turn that down, and a chance to see the look on that little angels face, lately she hadn’t smiled near as much as she used to. “Julie I would be happy to, but I have never done it, what’s the deal.”

She tells me that Eric had a suit and all I had to do was show up in the suit and let Suzie see me placing the presents and then eating the cookies and milk that she would put out for me. Suddenly I start to look forward to it.

Fast forward to that Christmas Eve and about 10 o’clock that night I show up and go into the bathroom and slip into my outfit. Then I go into the living room and start placing the presents under the tree.

While I am working I hear someone coming down the steps, looking over I see Suzie as she sits on the bottom step. Walking over closer and saying. “WELL, hello there Lil Suzie.” Her eyes widen and she looks up into my eyes.

“ Santa, you know my name, h o w do you?”

Smiling at her reaction I tell her, “I am Santa little one, of course I know your name. I know everything about you.” This almost floors her, she sits there wide-eyed and not knowing what to say.

She closes her mouth and asks, “Everything Santa? You mean it? Did you know my Daddy isn’t ever coming home? I miss him so much.”

Fighting back the tears I look into the bag, “Let’s see, I think there is something special in here JUST for you. A very special gift.” I pull out a small doll and hand it to the sweet little girl.

She immediately starts to cry, “Daddy told me he would get that for me, I didn’t think I would see her ever.”

She takes the little doll and hugs it tightly, I take her hand and say, “You should go back to bed, Santa still has a lot of places to stop tonight.”

“ Will you walk me up and tuck me in Santa?” She pulls my hand and smiles.

“ Of course sweetie,” I follow as she leads me up the stairs.

After about three steps or so she stops and turns, all she says is, “Santa,” and points back toward the tree.

Looking back I see the milk and the plate with the cookies on it, I go back and get the cookies and eat them, finishing off the milk at the same time. I Return to the stairs, she smiles, holds out her hand and we start back up the stairs and go into her room. I help her into bed, tuck her in and give her forehead a little kiss. “I love you Santa,” Then she closes her eyes.

“ I love you too Suzie,” turning out the light I turn and start down the long hall.

At the next room I look in and see that Marie is standing just inside the door. Wearing a tiny pair of panties and a tee, with bunnies on her feet. Playing with her hair. Her eyes twinkle as she looks me up and down., “So Santa, you got something in your bag for me?” Smiling a sheepish little smile.

I stare and can’t move, not knowing what to do, “Well, little girl, I am sure there is something by the tree,“ hoping at first she is just teasing me.

“ Santa, I have been waiting patiently while you were nice to the little girl, but I really need you now, “ she steps closer and whispers in my ear, “You promised Santa, just last year, that this year my present would be you. Then you licked me and let me stroke you until you squirted in my hands and mouth.

You said this year you would rub my clitty with that nice hard cock of yours.” she reaches out and lightly traces my cock as it hardens inside the red suit. “I have been a good girl all year waiting, now I wanna be NAUGHTY.”

She then sits back on her bed and pulls down her pretty panties, giving me a nice view of her smooth little mound. “Please Santa, my kitty wants to feel your tongue and cock, you promised. I know you won’t slide him inside, but you promised to fuck my clitty if I ate you first.”

Then she take a handful on my cock, pulling me out and over to the side of her bed. She slowly strokes me and watches as I get hard as a steel pipe, then licking the head she sits back and smiles, “Ok Santa?”

I can take no more and look back to the hall to see if it is still empty, then drop my pants and let her pull my cock to her mouth. She teases me skillfully and slides down each side as she cups my balls. I am almost ready to pop when she slides my cock deep into her mouth, getting me wet and then pulling back with a hard sucking.

I push her back onto the bed and kneel between her knees, she watches as I lick her lips, opening her up to get to the little clit that is hiding. I suck the small bud into my mouth as it pops into view, this sends a wave of chills through her and she shutters, I keep licking and teasing until the juices start to flow.

I stand and push her knees to her chest and lay my hard cock across her pussy, resting between the lips and across the clit, then I just start to slide back and forth. She starts to moan and thrash her head from side to side. Pushing her hips up and rubbing the bottom of my cock on her clit. In just a few stroke she starts to cum, tensing her legs and letting out a soft wail, the fluid gushing from her tiny pussy.

When her spasms die down and she relaxes back onto the bed she smiles, pulls me close and whispers, “That was what I needed, thank you Santa, thank you so much. Now remember the deal, on my birthday you owe me a special gift, you promised you will take my cherry and make me yours.”

I get up, pull up my pants, and tell her, “A deal is a deal. Till your birthday, mums the word.” Not really sure what just happened, was she just playing me or was Eric really making these promises, all I knew was I needed to get out of that room before her mom came in. “Good night Marie, and a very Merry Christmas to you.” I turn and am out the door.

Hurrying down the hall I turn a corner and walking past Dawn’s room, she reaches out and pulls me inside. Wrapping her arms around me she kisses me, her tongue darting into my mouth. This is crazy but I am kinda swept up in the moment and pull her tight and return the kiss.

As she pulls away I look and she is wearing a tiny little teddy, my favorite sportswear. The little panties are crotchless. She plops down on her bed and spreads her legs, giving me a nice view of her smooth pussy.

“ So, if your done playing house with the little girls, how about slipping that sweet hard cock into my cunt, Santa?” she starts to stroke her clit and motions me closer. Having long ago decided not to question any of this, I take my place on my knees between hers, spreading her lips and dive in, licking and sucking on her lips and clit, she immediately starts to get wet and her clitty jumps right out at me.

She reaches down and grabs my cock and strokes as I slide my tongue in deep. This starts her off, thrashing and rolling on the bed, she starts to cum after just a few minutes of my playing and eating her.

I stand and let her take my cock into her mouth, she pulls me in and down her throat, cupping my balls as her throat seems to suck my cock, gripping and pulling in even deeper. She bobs back and forth, slamming my cock to the back of her throat, which opens to take me all the way down to my sack, licking my balls as she holds me in deep.

As amazing as this is I now want to be in her pussy. I pull my cock out and guide it into her and in one smooth motion I am buried to my balls inside her wet throbbing hole. She grabs my hips as I start to thrust and slam my cock in as deep as I can. The sound of her pussy sucking my cock in drives me wild and I slam my balls against her ass.

“ OH GOD SANTA, FUCK ME, FUCK ME ……. H A R D E R!!! I’M GETTING CLOSE……… MAKE ME CUM SANTA!!!” with that said she starts, raising her hips to meet my thrust and starts to cum, I can feel her squirting around my cock.

That was all I needed and I started to cum, she pulls me out of her and lets my cum spray her belly and tits, then sits up and starts to gobble and lick me clean. I can barely stand with her hot mouth working on my cock.

“ DAMN DAWN, SUCK ME DEEP, YOU ARE SO FREAKIN GOOD!!!” As I shout, I realize that I could wake her mom and cover my mouth like a kid. “Baby, that is the best fuck I have had in a long time.” Plopping down on my ass next to her on the couch, she scoots around and into my lap, her dripping pussy rubbing my spent cock as she wiggles.

“ MMM SANTA, that was so good, you kept your promise like you said you would. Now, just remember your promise for my birthday. A really hot ass fuck for my 21st, and you said you would start to train me to be your slave, you PROMISED. I can’t wait to submit to you and get that spanking you promised.” I suddenly had a new respect for my brother, Eric you were the MAN.

“ I can’t wait sweetie, it just makes it that much hotter knowing you are waiting for me so patiently.” Not knowing what else to say, I begin to realize that I needed to get out before Julie happens to check on her girls. Kissing Dawn hard and deep I get up and walk to the door, “your birthday seems so far away, it will be wonderful,” and out the door I go.

I head down the hall to the stairs and down, hoping to get out before Julie might find me. When I get in the living room I see her, behind the couch, on her knees and elbows, naked as hell, wearing only a black silk choker collar around her neck. In her hands a crop, she is holding it up as if handing it to someone.

Her head is down, face almost on the floor. I stop in front of her and hear, “Sir, please this girl needs to be punished, please show me you care, make me your slut.” I just stand for a minute not knowing what to do, but of course that doesn’t last too long. I take the crop and slap across each ass cheek, one……. two…… three…… four…… each side. She doesn’t jump much, but the welts start to rise as I can hear her whimpering.

Grabbing her hair and pulling her to her feet, then pushing her across the back of the couch. Her face in the cushions, her ass in the air, I go back to whipping her with the crop. The welts criss cross her cheeks when I finally stop.

“ So you wanna be my cunt do you?” switching to my hand and slapping her hard. “Well then, you must want my cock inside your pussy pretty badly, huh?” Spreading her cheeks and teasing the puckered little hole, “But I want to fuck your ass, deep and hard. What do you think about that?”

I keep slapping her ass as I talk, teasing her hole with my thumb as I do. “Please, Sir, fuck my nasty ass hard, make me cum for you.” I move behind her and spit into her ass as I open it with my fingers, she is moaning and starting to wiggle her hips. I push in a finger, her ass pulling at me as I start to push and pull, in and out.

Her pussy starts to weep and flow down the couch. I take my fingers and push into her pussy, getting two of them wet, then sliding them into her ass again. When I feel her ass start to relax as I finger her, I drop my red pants and move back in behind her, rubbing my cock through her lips and get the head wet with her juice.

I bend my knees and push the head in, popping past the sphincter, she jumps and lets out a little yelp. I slap her ass for this and push again, burying me deep in her ass and pulling back, as I push again she relaxes and lets me sink to my balls in her ass. I start to rock my hips, fucking her ass and slapping her cheeks as I do.

“ That’s it baby, push that ass back to me, force my cock in as deep as it can go.” I keep rocking and thrusting into her, she is moaning and starting to get louder with each slamming thrust. I keep going until I can go no more and pull out, shooting my cum on her ass and back, she squirts as I do drenching my legs and the carpet below, “OH DAMN BABY….. THAT IS S O O O O GOOD!!!” I scream out as I fall across her back. Laying there until we both can regain ourselves and then fall over onto the couch.

When our breathing gets back to normal, she tells me she and the girls had planned this, hoping I was as good as Eric had been. They didn’t know how to ask me to be their Master and run this Poly house, but it was what they had wanted for months.

Once the grieving for my brother had lessened, they had decided they needed me to take his place. The decision to make their move on Christmas was all their plan and I had been the one that got the best Christmas present ever. All I can say is “Ho Ho HO, MERRY CHRISTMAS. And don’t forget, I only have to buy two birthday presents this year. Julie wants a leather collar.

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