Author: Steve

Steve was working at the local zoo where he had worked every Saturday for 2 months to earn some pocket money, he was alone in the gorilla compound. Chin was his favourite gorilla and he always brought chin some fruit when he did chin stroked his head as much as to say thank you. The zoo was quiet today due to heavy rain. The door to the compound opened and July walked in she was 16 years old 2 years older than Steve, she was well known for being a bully and had a fearsome reputation, July went to chins cage looked at him and said ” your a ugly looking brute” then spat at him hitting him in the face, she then got the hose and squirted chin laughing as she did. Steve yelled “don’t do that” July turned the hose on Steve turning her back to the cage as she did, Chin reached through the cage grabbed the hood of July’s one piece suit as he did and pulled her back against the bars as he did July screamed. Chin pulled harder the flimsy material of the suit started to rip exposing July’s shoulder, Steve noticed there was no bra straps showing. July screamed even louder yelling help me, the material of July’s suit tore even more, Steve’s eyes went wide as July’s naked breasts popped into view and when the material ripped further Steve saw her shaved slit his dick was now solid in his tracksuit trousers. July was now naked except for her shoes, Chin was holding her round the waist tight against the cage bars, suddenly July screamed out “no” then added stop him he is fucking my bum, Steve smiled he was watching the way her boobs were flopping about, Steve went to the cage rubbed Chins arm said ” no Chin no” Chin let July go she fell to floor on her hands and knees, then rolled over onto her back as she did Chin grabbed her ankles pulled her to the cage with her legs going inside, July screamed out “stop him” Steve looked on in utter amazement as Chin entered July and started pounding her, Steve rubbed Chins arm saying ” no Chin no” Chin carried on pounding away July was now quiet just moaning, Steve saw July’s nipples were now erect she groaned said I’m coming her body shook Chin carried on pounding away, Steve saw July shake 3 more times before Chin let her go. July lay on the floor in a heap, Steve got her clothes that were kept for emergencies, July dressed left. Later at home July phoned Steve asked him not to tell anybody, Steve agreed. The next Saturday Steve was in the gorilla house when July walked in there were other people in July walked into the office said to Steve ” get rid of them” Steve told her the place was closing in 5 minutes, July sat in a chair, Once everybody was gone Steve locked up went in the office July was naked she said let me in the cage Steve opened the cage stood back and watched as Chin went to work to work on July.

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