The watcher Mark

Author: mandy

Mark was standing in the shadows watching the house being careful not to be seen, he knew If he was caught he would get beaten up like he had been before, he was hated in the town, every body knew him they new he was a peeping tom and wanted rid of him. Mark stood looking at the house knowing the parents were out and just 18 year old July and her sister Sara who at 16 was 2 years younger than himself. As he watched he saw Sara walk into the lounge he watched her moving around doing things then she stopped and started to undo her blouse, Mark watched and smiled when Sara took her blouse of and threw it into a chair Mark smiled and smiled even more when Sara took her bra off revealing her budding breasts, she then undid her jeans and removed them along with her panties and stood there naked, Mark could see her hairless slit , he could feel his erect dick straining at his flies, Sara turned and walked out the room giving Mark a good view of her cute bum as she did, Mark saw the kitchen light go on and July enter she was in a dressing gown, Mark watched with hope in his heart, July opened the door and walked out into the yard carrying a rubbish bag and watched as she put the bag in the bin after she started to take the washing off the line stretching up as she did, Mark’s eyes went wide when July’s gown fell open revealing her naked boobs, Mark was watching as July gathered the washing with her gown open showing off her very nice set of boobs and nice bush covering her slit. July went back in the house after a minute both girls appeared in the lounge, they walked round giving Mark a good view of their naked bodies, after a couple of minutes the girls left the room switching the light off as they went, not long after the house was in darkness. Mark headed off happy at what he had seen.
yong undressed sisters wants sexThe next day Mark was in the derelict building where he spent his day, he never went to school it saved him getting hassle, nobody missed him, the authorities never bothered about him not being there. Mark heard a noise looked over the edge and saw Sara walking about below him, he watched as Sara made her way to the stairs and then out of his sight, a minute later Sara appeared on the floor where he was, she looked at him smiled said ” you ok” Mark nodded Sara smile said ” you enjoy the show last night ” Mark looked said ” what” Sara replied ” my sister and me knew you were outside our house that’s why we got naked let you have a good view” she then added ” enjoy it” Mark smiled nodded his head and asked why. Sara smiled said ” don’t ask questions” she looked at Mark smiled said ” you have a good wank after” Mark nodded Sara smiled broadly and surprised Mark by saying ” want to fuck me”. Mark said come on then and raised her skirt bunching it round her waist, Mark saw she had no panties on and started to undo his jeans as Sara lay on an old mattress and parted her legs looking at Marks 7 inch erection as she did, Mark knelt between Sara’s legs then slowly pushed inside the waiting love hole, as he did Sara moaned and said ” all the way ” Mark pushed in deep and slowly started pushing in and out Sara moaned said ” fuck me you bastard fuck me” Mark started pounding deep and hard, Sara was moaning saying ” don’t stop fuck me fuck me”
Mark pounded deep and hard, Sara suddenly moaned said ” I’m cumming I’m cumming” Mark felt her gush pulled out and squirted his cum in 4 long spurts over the floor, they lay there side by side for a few minutes before Sara stood up lowering her skirt saying don’t you tell anyone what’s happened, Mark promised he would not. After a hour Sara left Mark watched her go as she left Mark saw July walk in and head to the stairs when she arrived at the floor he was on Mark saw her blouse wide open showing off her boobs she looked at Mark said ” you ready to go again” Mark undid his jeans said ” you bet”

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