The train journey

Author: mandy

The train was waiting at the station to begin the last part of it’s journey, the four Bengali boys were the only passengers in the end carriage, they all looked when the well liked Cindy boarded the train, they noticed the top three buttons on her blouse were open. Cindy went and sat a few seats from the boys just as the train pulled out of the station on it’s two hour journey to the next station. After a short while Abdul went to the toilet as he passed Cindy he stole a quick glance and saw down her top seeing her yellow bra that covered her ample boobs, after using the toilet he returned to his seat telling his mates what he had seen which prompted the other 14 year old boys to go past Cindy on the pretence of using the loo, After the last boy had returned to his seat Cindy stood walked down to the boys and said ” did you all enjoy looking down my blouse” and got a response from Abdul who said ” well your two years older than us are very attractive and well shaped so of course we are going to look, Cindy replied well save you straining your eyes” and to the surprise of the boys undid all the buttons on her blouse and opened it wide, the boys looked and Abdul said “pity your wearing a bra” Cindy reached behind unclipped her bra letting it fall from her body revealing her naked boobs, one of the boys said ” fucking hell look at those tits they are beauties” Abdul stood and felt Cindy’s boobs gently rubbing them, when Cindy did not stop him the other boys joined in, Cindy felt her blouse being removed and hands rubbing her bum over her skirt, Cindy rubbed the front of Abdul’s trousers feeling the hard shape of his erection and made no effort to stop one of the boys from undoing her skirt which fell to the floor which was closely followed by her panties leaving her naked except for her shoes, Abdul was now sucking the very erect nipples of the older naked 16 year old girl. Cindy was gently lowered to the floor where one boy started to rub her moist slit before Abdul stopped him knelt between Cindy’s open legs and inserted his 6 inch erection into Cindy’s waiting and very moist love hole as he pounded away the other boys were licking and sucking on Cind’,s nipples, Abdul pulled his dick out and shot all up Cindy’s stomach before standing up and letting one of his mates take his place, after a hour all four boys had pounded away on Cindy and watched as Cindy dressed, At the station Cindy was met by her mother and 12 year old sister as she walked away her phone rang she answered it and was surprised to find it was Abdul who said would love to fuck you again and your sister to which Cindy replied ” mums out tonight come round just you”

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