The many

Author: steve

16 year old Mark had been sent by his boss to the old farm to clean up the mess the plumbers had left, Mark was dubious about the job because he was a known pervert and got hassle. As he arrived at the old farm he saw the owners just leaving, before they left they told Mark Steve was at the house and would sort out what needed doing, Mark knew Steve they were the same age and Mark knew Steve was a thug. At the house Steve opened the door and to Marks surprise Steve was naked, Mark followed Steve to the kitchen admiring Steve’s cute bum as they went, in the kitchen Steve made a drink Mark kept glancing at Steve’s 7 inch dick liking what he was seeing, The main door opened and Steve’s youngest sister Kim walked in with her best mate Cindy Mark knew the girls were 12 years old, Cindy looked at Steve said ” your parents have gone for their holiday” when Steve asked how she knew Cindy replied because your naked showing off that nice cock, both girls went into Kim’s bedroom after a minute Kim returned, Marks eyes went wide when he saw Kim was naked, Cindy closely followed Kim she to was naked, Mark could hardly believe what he was seeing but liked it, Kim said ” July was on her way with Kevin, July walked in with her twin brother Kevin soon after Steve’s girlfriend 16 year old Heather came in as she did she wished the twins a happy 14th birthday. Mark went to the bathroom and started to clean up feeling his hard 7 inch dick straining at his overalls, after a few minutes Steve appeared at the door said ” you can leave that and join us if you want” Mark looked round and saw Steve had a full erection of about 9 inches, Mark stood up, Steve said you can take your clothes off but you don’t tell anybody what happens here” Mark stood stripped off his clothes went to the main room where he saw everybody was naked, Kim was on her knees sucking on Kevin’s dick, Steve was screwing Heather from behind her boobs swinging around as he did, he saw Cindy coming towards him looking at his dick and did not move when she knelt down and started to suck his dick. Mark saw Steve pull out from Heather and shoot his cum in 4 spurts over Heathers boobs, Cindy was sucking on his dick real good and when he shot his cum she did not stop but swallowed his cum, Mark went to the kitchen to get water as he was drinking it Steve appeared his dick still fully erect just like his own was, Steve smiled said ” there will be a couple of others here later, you can do what you want no worries nobody will say anything it is our own private club, you will be ok I put Viagra in your drink and there is more if you need them, he then walked back to the main room, Mark went back just in time to see Kevin squirt his load into Kim’s open mouth.

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