The hotel

Author: mandy

Cindy was in the reception of the hotel where she worked Saturday nights, she knew the hotel had a reputation, the owners were money grabbers did not care about the staff and never supported them, if guests complained about staff the staff member was sacked. This was Cindy’s 3rd night the previous 2 Saturday nights Cindy had been groped quite a few times but knew if she told the manager she would be sacked and she desperately needed the job so kept quite. Cindy was told to take a towel to a room on the top floor which Cindy knew was taken by a Bengali wedding party, as she left the lift on the top floor she saw Sally who at 14 was 2 years younger than herself, Sally was just pulling her trousers up, Sally looked at Cindy said ” they pulled my trousers down and finger fucked me” Cindy went to the end of the corridor and saw 12 year old Mark completely naked his dick erect standing up about 4 inches and being stroked by a Bengali girl of about his age while another was rubbing his bum, Cindy smiled and went to the room to deliver the towel knocked on the door and smiled when a Bengali of about 40 man opened the door, Cindy said ” your towel saw” and went in when told to put the towel in the bathroom, as she went the man rubbed her bum, Cindy went to bathroom put the towel on the rail, as she went out the man rubbed her boobs, Cindy knew she could not complain, when the man started to undo her blouse Cindy said ” your old enough to be my dad” the man said nothing just undid her blouse completely and took it off her body before rubbing between her legs, Cindy saw the Bengali boy who was about her age walking towards her she saw he was naked with an erection of about 7 inches the boy removed Cindy’s bra and started rubbing her ample boobs and pinching her nipples, Cindy loved it when her bf pinched her nipples
the boy started to nipple Cindy’s nipples. Cindy felt her trousers and panties slide down her legs and a finger slide up her love tunnel, when the man said s ” she is wet” Cindy realised it was him fingering her, the boy stopped nibbling her nipples and said ” your tits are superb ” Cindy felt herself being lowered onto the bed and her trousers being removed along with her panties she knew she was naked, the boy started to nibble on Cindy’s nipples again driving her wild with excitement, the man was now naked posed between Cindy’s open legs, Cindy saw him and felt him push his dick inside her and start to pound her, the boy knelt on the bed and eased his dick into Cindy’s mouth which she started to suck, Cindy felt her nipples being pinched out of the corner of her eye she saw it was Mark who then started to suck her nipples, the dick in her mouth exploded in her mouth which Cindy willingly swallowed , the man pulled out and squirted right up her belly, After a few minutes Cindy got up off the she could not see her clothes and walked out the room naked she saw 4 Bengali boys all about 14 who quickly surrounded her and started to rub her naked body before getting her on the floor, Mandy felt the first boy enter her still very moist love hole and start to pound away while another slid into her mouth which she sucked and swallowed the cum when the dick exploded, she felt the dick in her pull out and squirt up her belly, she lay there waiting for the next dick and when it never came she looked 2 of the boys were kneeling beside her they rolled her onto her belly and pulled her onto her hands and knees, Cindy jumped when a dick pushed up inside her bum and started to push in and out, she was surprised that it did not hurt not even her bf had done this to her, a dick slid into her mouth but was not in there long before Cindy was swallowing more cum, she felt the dick in her bum buck and realised the boy had squirted up her bum, after a minute Cindy stood up and saw Sally being pounded by a Bengali boy of about 16. Cindy went to the staff room at the end of the corridor and sat in a chair, Mark walked in
Cindy looked said to Mark, ” who said you could pinch and suck my tits” Mark smiled and replied ” you did not stop me ” walked over and started to pinch the very erect nipples, Cindy lay back enjoying the sensation she felt a finger slide up her love hole followed by 2 more after 5 minutes Cindy gushed for the 4th time that night, she stopped Mark and went in the shower from where she saw Sally come into the room kneel and start to suck on Mark’s dick, 5 hours later Cindy was stood in reception in a fresh uniform, Mark had gone home she did not know where Sally was, she was sent up to the top floor with a vase went into the room and saw Sally lying naked on the bed being pounded by a Bengali boy with about 7 others all about 16 naked with erections watching, they looked at Cindy smiled, Cindy put the vase now and quickly stripped naked and lay on the bed beside Sally.

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